All of Me

All of Me

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Amaru sat on his couch and started to count money with his close friends, Donny and Wooty. They've been friends since diaper days. They're moms were childhood friends as well.

"Shit!" Wooty shouts. He starts to suck on his finger.

"What's wrong with you, fool?" Donny asks.

"I gotta paper cut." Wooty answers. "But I still love you, baby." He kisses the money.

Amaru shakes his head. Wotty has always been a fool. He wonders when his best friend is going to change. Probably won't.

"So, how much was my team supposed to have?" Donny asks.

"Fifty thousand." Amaru answers.

"I'm short one dollar." Donny says.

Wooty sucks his teeth. "Nigga, you dropped it."

"Why you ain't tell me?" Donny says, picking up the dollar.

"Because Lexi peed on it." Wooty says, pointing at one of Amaru's gray pit bull.

"Dammit, Lexi." Donny says. "Why can't she be more like Wanda?"

Amaru chuckles. "Lexi, go outside." He watched as his dog went through the doggy door.

Amaru's pit bulls were named after his ...

Damn' I thought he was nice asf talking bout lonely and unloved
BlkRoyaltyX BlkRoyaltyX Aug 19
Imma shut up, but when you look away, imma be talking again ...
Dang 😭 This man really wants to be a father. Just gon' put her to sleep.
What y'all expect? He's cold hearted lost both his sister and mom..with him being so used to just getting money it's hard for him to suddenly become so soft.
rebzyy rebzyy Jul 28
Ahhahhh i love him but that shittt ass noise he makes is a nono
Dang, you got a special gift. Do something good with it, son.