A Thin Line Between love & Lust (Urban)

A Thin Line Between love & Lust (Urban)

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"I don't understand." she exclaim as king headed out the door. King sigh trying to calm his self down. 

"I told your ass from the beginning that all I wanted was sex, you was up for it so why you fronting now." 

   King didn't know why she was acting out all the sudden as if he didn't tell her straight up what he wanted. 

    He always been straight up with these girls.

    He was never the one to beat around the bush, if he wanted just head he'll tell them and if he just wanted to fuck he'll let em know.

    King felt Kia grabs his hand back "I I I just thought that maybe you'd change your mind " she stuttered. 

     king shrugged her hand off him "Why would I change my mind if I have a girlfriend" king yelled His patience wearing thin. 

    Kia look down for a second as if his word hurt her feelings but then she look back up at king and smiled proudly "You wasn't saying you had a girlfriend when you was Fucking me."

 All his life King had to Watch how
 people around him suffer and even died cause of love he vowed not to ever fall in love, He wanted nothing to do with it. He just wants to fuck and duck with no feelings involved.

Till one day he met paris who also didn't believe in love, she knew the rules and she knew how to play the game from watching her brothers run the game on girls.

Read on go find out What happens when the infamous king meets the mysterious Paris.

will it send their life and heart into a unexpected twist and turns.

Reader's discretion advised. This book contains mild language, violence and sexual content.

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