My College Lover

My College Lover

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Hi, I'm Zaquavia, but everybody calls me Quay. I'm 18 and I am now a student at University of South Carolina. I have chocolate skin, long, black hair that stops 3 inches below my shoulders, and I have big dark brown eyes.

I walk down the hall, looking for my dorm room. I dropped one of my boxes.

"Ughhhhhhhh!" I shout to myself.

"Looks like you need some help." A guy says. 

I look up and see the finest dude ever. He has long, black dreads with light brown tips that reaches the middle of his back, he's light skin, about 6'2", and he has swag.

"Yeah, I do." I reply. He kneels down and I couldn't help but notice his beautiful hazel eyes.

He picks up 2 boxes and my duffle bag. I pick up the one box that fell out of my hands.

We walk up to my dorm room and I walk in. I am greeted by my 2 best friends since kindergarten. Faith and Torah.

"Quay!" they shout.

I drop my box and run towards them. We group hug. The Lord answered my prayers. I did not want to share a dorm with s...

Heeeeelll naaawww that's out asfff I was feeling you at first but never mind weirdo
Nooooooooo you just met him!! Don't let him snatch the goods girl
Jcutie123 Jcutie123 Oct 20, 2016
What so called friends would leave u alone wit a boy. I'm confused because I would of been all in y'all face😐
Ky_yuti03 Ky_yuti03 2 days ago
I'm just imagining this as me and my best best friend..Adrian. 😋
arianaxoxo02 arianaxoxo02 Nov 21, 2016
Girl haven't your ma said don't take drinks from nobody..? Hard headed 🙄
1 time reading this but by the looks of the comments imma keep going 😉