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I walked out of the jail pissed off. My brother got his visits taken away from him once again. He was probably fighting, again. He doesn't care about rules in there since he's gonna be there for life, but I care. Going to his visits every week is what keeps me sane and keeps me going.

I thought back to when he had got taken in five years ago. I was seventeen and he was 22. Even tho the rest of his life is going to be in a jail cell we deal because it could have been worse.

He could have got the death penalty.

I sighed getting into my car and started driving to the diner where I'm meeting my homegirl Nee.


"Hey boo." She said standing up to hug me.

"Hey, hey." I said hugging her back before sitting down.

"I thought it was suppose to be just us." I ask looking at her boyfriend Q, also one of my brother's realest homies.

"Well damn, tell me how you really feel about a nigga Morgz." He asked holding his heart.

I chuckled. "You know you like my second brother, but I only l...

Mady15 Mady15 15 hours ago
Wait... her ass playing games like wtf... you saying you dont want nothing more but wtf is you doing know
ShanyaWyatt ShanyaWyatt 6 days ago
everyone in here talking about "they like chocolate so he decent". sis shbyeeee i love me some chocolate but this right here is 😍🤦🏾‍♀️😋👅
WspXAmiii WspXAmiii Jan 05
I read that all wrong I thought it said " I wrapped my mouth around his dick" 😭😭
DiabmondV DiabmondV Dec 11, 2016
This is my exact response when someone calls me mean.😭😭💯
BabygirlJenay BabygirlJenay 4 days ago
Name? number?age? email? yahoo? hair line shape? teeth color? swagger?
Shawntae_beauty_ Shawntae_beauty_ Dec 31, 2016
Y'all hear that *everybody shakes there head no* shots were fired