Falling For A Thug

Falling For A Thug

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Everything in her life was perfect until her parents decided to get a divorce. That's when her life changed for the worse. Her dad moved to Miami with his new wife, leaving her in Atlanta with her mom who's decided to turn to coke and heroin to deal with her problems. Her mom abuses her, and has even tried to sell her daughter's body for a quick high.

Not being able to take it anymore, she runs away and runs into the city's most famous kingpin, Blaze, who she's had a crush on for years.

He helps her get back on her feet, but by him doing so, it only makes her fall for him more and more.

What happens when she completely falls for him? Will he catch her, or will he walk away?

  • drama
  • kingpin
  • love
  • thug
  • urban
nanaXwoah nanaXwoah Feb 13
Nah sis tell yo nigga stay away from her tf💀🖕🏼! You should be checking yo nigga🗣
Qveenaj Qveenaj Jan 20
Well on the bright side you’re helping the environment 🤷🏽‍♀️
YoursTruelyReece YoursTruelyReece Dec 30, 2017
You know what I came back to do ?? REREAD THE BOOK while I wait for u to update the other one it just never gets old 🤷🏾‍♀️😂❤️
leaj2001 leaj2001 Feb 12
I've fell threw some before and my leg got messed up...  That was 3 months ago
Treacherouus Treacherouus Dec 31, 2017
Gurrrrrr I’ll take them keys and crash that mfering car. THEN I WANNA SSE YOU PUT THEM LEGS TO USE BITCHH😑😌
MyaaPookiee MyaaPookiee 3 days ago
Right about the fine part😍😍😍 Jesus he is sooo ughh I'm like so serious i have neva seen a man as fine as him besides jacob I forgot wat his name on Mindless behavior was..I think it was Princeton