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Roommates ✔

Roommates ✔

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☼ Kimmy Herz ☾ By XthatONEchicX Completed

"Doll face, you might say you hate me, but we both know you think otherwise." He speaks with the annoying smirk plastered on his face and I roll my eyes.
"As if,"
"What's up with you and the change in nicknames?" I snap and his smirk stretches.
"Feisty now aren't we, sugar."
"Just shut up!"
"I could, but I don't want to....I'm bored, let's play a game." He suggests and I raise an eyebrow.
"What 'game' are you implying?"
"It's called 10 minutes," he says and I nod, showing him that I'm listening. "I will have 10 minutes to do whatever I want with you; touching, teasing, biting..." He winks and I burst out into a pit of laughter.
"You're funny, how will I have fun in this 'game' of yours that you clearly made up?"
"Let me finish, sugarplum." He says and I finally calm my laughter. "If you moan, you lose. If you don't, I lose...simple."
"I'm a little lost..."
"I will do what I pleas with you and if you moan or make any type of sexual sound, you lose and I win."
"No idiot! I mean what will I get if I win?"
"You seem pretty confident about winning now don't you?"
I roll my eyes "Of course. Your touch has no affect on me, so I don't have to worry about losing."
"We'll see about that, sunshine. We'll just see..."
A 19 year old girl named Nichole, gets accepted into Westcott University.
She will meet plenty of new people, but unfortunately for her, she will be stuck with a roommate that is a cocky, yet hot, perverted jerk.
Will he change for her when she tells him about her past?
Follow their love-hate journey and hope for the best.
1 girl, 1 boy, 1 room, 1 undeniable love.
This book will have mature content and strong language
I will warn my readers at the beginning of a dirty chapter, so if you're at a young age, I wont be responsible.
Highest Ranking #1 in Romance
©2014, Kimmy Hers

ryleedabomb ryleedabomb a day ago
I am re-reading it and I think you did a fantastic job. Don't let the haters get to you. They are people who don't appreciate the hard work, feeling, and dedication that goes into writing a book.
bertinaluv bertinaluv a day ago
Its the only book I ever read twice on wattpad. Trust me its good
Pass-pretty5 Pass-pretty5 2 days ago
Your a good writer and believe in the fantasy's "YOU" believe in ✌👌✨✨🎉
jharris6090 jharris6090 a day ago
Sorry what you are going through but in the rough time . Give  all to god he is our Savior
XxImJustLostxX XxImJustLostxX 3 days ago
I laugh so much at this cause this is my 4th time reading this book I love it 💕💕💕
katiemay204 katiemay204 a day ago
Literally sounds like a really sassy break up.
                              "Have a nice life!"