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A Broken Soulmate (Book 1) by HarukiUsagi46
A Broken Soulmate (Book 1)by Rika
Wei Wuxian found his soulmate in Lan Wangji, one day he wanted to teased Lan Wangji because he never smile, always have on a stoic face and always silent. He want to kno...
|| Distance Between Hearts || by Mamree
|| Distance Between Hearts ||by Mamree
#Standalone... Two Childhood Friends and their journey towards love.. The Journey of finding each other.. A cute, romantic, sweet and SIMPLE love story of two childhood...
|1| Broken Glass {Paul Lahote} by Aspiring-Writer14
|1| Broken Glass {Paul Lahote}by Aspiring-Writer14
The last thing that Juliana Jackson remembered of that night, was glass shatterin' around her. From the windshield of the SUV, to the windows on every side of her... it...
Satellite Heart (Embry Call Fan Fiction) by HayHalsey
Satellite Heart (Embry Call Fan Fi...by Hayley
When Lamia Sinclair dreamed of what she wanted to be when she grew up, it never involved slavery. At the age of seven, Lamia was taken by the Volturi, royalty of the vam...
Teachers (Loki/Mobius) by katiscool12
Teachers (Loki/Mobius)by katiscool12
Loki and Mobuis are both high school math teachers and the high school is called the TVA. Loki is 30 and Mobuis is 42. Loki and Mobius have been broken up for a year now...
Yeah, I'm A Maslow. So? by BTRlover197
Yeah, I'm A Maslow. So?by BTRlover197
The band of Big Time Rush is taking a break at the Maslow's house which somehow irks Emily, James little sister. But when one of the guys made a move on her, she wasn't...
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I'm In Love With You (JimxDwight) by katiscool12
I'm In Love With You (JimxDwight)by katiscool12
Jim tells Dwight he's in love with him but Dwight thinks it's a prank and doesn't believe him. What will happen when Jim tells him again that he loves him? Read to find...
All I Ever Wanted by number1swifty
All I Ever Wantedby Katie
Emma's life was never perfect. She never had the nice house, white picket fence and a beautiful labrador puppy. She never wanted any of that anyway. All she ever wanted...
Office Drama (JimxDwight) by katiscool12
Office Drama (JimxDwight)by katiscool12
Dwight has always had feelings for Jim ever since the first day he laid eyes on him. What will happen when Dwight comes out and tells Jim how he feels? Read to find out...
disregarded ; drarry [✔️] by mikeijuana
disregarded ; drarry [✔️]by ˗ˏˋ 🏳️‍🌈 ˎˊ˗
In which Harry desperately tries to get the attention of his childhood crush over the summer. started: may 18, 2017 ended: may 18, 2017
Secrets, Deals and Lies by secretsdealsandlies
Secrets, Deals and Liesby Maryyy ☯
Remiah Shantello. Aged 15. No mum no siblings. She lives on the other side of an island with her father (which she doesn’t even see or talk to) while the whole other s...
Roommates (REWRITING) by XthatONEchicX
Roommates (REWRITING)by Kimberly Hernandez
Avoidance by WallyBoswell
Avoidanceby Wally Boswell
A very short story of Yelena avoiding Kate
I Dwell in Possibility by DreamWithWords
I Dwell in Possibilityby DreamWithWords
In my opinion, poetry is one of the most beautiful gifts that can be received or given. Poetry can be several different things. It can be used as an escape, a hobby, enj...
My brother hates me by exofighting1
My brother hates meby Loan Trinh
A boy who has a sister, but he hated her ever since she was born because he wanted a brother to do guy stuff with
If Only Being Switched at Birth Was Easy by VersionTwoPointOh
If Only Being Switched at Birth Wa...by A. Harris
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to switch lives with someone? How about finding out that it was originally your life? AJ Morgan finds out that her world wil...
Finding Felicity by off_piste
Finding Felicityby F.A. Blenheim
Her sister Grace is graceful. And beautiful and charming and witty. Felicity however lacks all that and her own namesake; happiness. Overshadowed and taunted by her twin...
Destination wedding  by asrsmsy
Destination wedding by A.R.M.Y
a bts velvet fanfic with main couple being SeulMin JungRi VRene JinJoy.a bit of WenGa here and there.it may include other idols too.the story revolves around Destination...
99 Ways to Annoy, Creep out, and Avoid People by TaliaMiki
99 Ways to Annoy, Creep out, and A...by Talia&Mikki.
Remember that time, where Tim, that rather questionable guy, who clung to you after meeting him at your fourth cousins sisters baby shower, and now he's discussing his r...
HER EYES TELL Season 1 by RLeightfinity
HER EYES TELL Season 1by 𝐑𝐋🌙
Zeus couldn't understand how he would feel when he found out that his beloved childhood friend, his Queen, was dead. He could hardly eat and talk to his family and frien...