Half-bloods at Hogwarts {currently under major editing}

Half-bloods at Hogwarts {currently under major editing}

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The half-bloods go undercover at Hogwarts, will they finish the year? Who is going to mess up their quiet? Because let's face it somebody will, read to find out.

Disclaimer I own nothing JK Rowling owns all the wizards and Uncle Rick owns all 

I'm currently going through these chapters and rewriting them so they make sense and so the story will suddenly get really bad half way through, sorry in advance!

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wait-4-it wait-4-it May 01
Lol when i saw annabeth and then piper o thought of the forehead scene in BoO
                              lol with pipabeth im W E A K
How dare you not ship Percabeth? (to Percy, not you, sushi_melon) YOU WILL SUFFER MY WRATH!
Child_of_Kronos Child_of_Kronos Sep 13, 2017
*no see wills name*
                              Maybe I can have a chance to ship something else. *looks at Percy, Nico, Jason and Thalia*
                              Now who to go with Nico?!
BiracialPotato BiracialPotato Oct 25, 2017
Travis and conner are either to be best friends with the weasleys or either rivals forever
zoefaye12 zoefaye12 Jul 29, 2017
I see someone finally started listening to "Doctor's Orders"
I'm kinda glad that Grover is there because they don't always have him in fan fiction I mean oh come on without Grover Percy wouldn't be guarded or Annabeth wouldn't be in camp half blood