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The head counsellors of each cabin along with some representatives from camp Jupiter were called to a meeting with Chiron and Luna. Sitting around the table, the group waited as patiently as we could when most of us had ADHD, meaning there was a lot going on around the group.

Finally, Chiron addressed the impatient demigods, "Thank you all for coming here at such short notice. And welcome to those visiting us from camp Jupiter as well as the hunters. We have called this meeting as there has been a message delivered from the gods." There was multiple groans as everyone realised here this was probably going, "Hecate has requested that a group of you go to a place that she blessed with her magic a millennia ago," at that everyone looked up and confused.

"Do you mean that there are such things as wizards?" Annabeth asked from her seat at the table "Are they not just descendants of Hecate?  Like Frank is of Poseidon," many heads turned to Frank who just shrugged his shoulders.

"Excellent questions, Miss Chase, however, no this group are not descendants of the gods, well not technically. These wizards are just people who have been blessed by Hecate. I do not quite understand it myself as there are some people born into this world from mortal parent, others from one mortal and one wizard and, some are brought in with two wizards as parents however there are still some who are born from people of magic and yet do not possess and power themselves, these people can be referred to as squibs."

On this occasion, most of the room still looked on engaged in this conversation, while other, meaning Annabeth, were looking as if they were going to pull out a note pad and start taking notes on this meeting as if it were a lecture.

"What has this got to do with us?" Was the remark that came from Leo.

"I was just getting to that Mr Valdez." Leo had the sense to look sheepish "as I was saying, this people no longer believe that it was in fact the gods that blessed them, so they would like that to change. The god have asked for 13 people from either camp to be placed into the school called Hogwarts, which is a school for these wizards when they are aged 11 to 18. So for this quest the demigods must also lie within that age range, or at least look like they do."

There was a lot of mumbling as people talked to the benefits of going on this quest. And soon it was decided that Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Piper, Thalia, Leo, Frank, Jason, Hazel, Clarisse, Connor, Travis and Grover as the satyr will be the ones attending the school.

"as that is all sorted we will now break into two groups of those going on the quest and those who will be remaining at their respective camps as you will need to make sure that whilst these people are not at camp, their cabins have representatives for any meetings and also for chores that any cabin which all its residents are leaving, namely the big three, are taking of the schedules and it is all rearranged to suit the camp. If those who are staying at camp would like to move to the other room now, would like to talk to those who are leaving." 

Katie led those not leaving out of the room whilst the 11 demigod who would be going to Hogwarts stayed behind.

"Chiron, would you like me to fetch Grover?" Percy asked.

"That's alright Percy, I requested his presence earlier as I had a feeling he was going to be selected." And as if by magic, which would have been quite ironic in this case, Grover walked in through the door and took an empty seat. "Now that you are all in attendance, I will explain the set up for this quest,

"You will all be posing as exchange student from the American school, Ilvermorny, and most of you will be in 7th year, however, Nico, you will be in fourth, hazel will also be in that year. Connor and Travis, either Connor will be in 6th year and Travis in 7th as you are a year apart, or you can pose as twins and be in the same year as I'm sure no one will question that."

Connor looked up "Umm, I think I'd prefer to be in the same year as my big bro I think." He looked over to Travis with a smirk which Travis returned.

"They are going to pull so many pranks; I hope you know this Chiron." Grover looked to the man he addressed his statement to.

"Unfortunately I am aware but I think it would be better for them to be in the same year so they have less of a chance of spreading their influence to the rest of the school. Carrying on, I think the rest of you will be in 7th year along with the Stolls." He said with a sigh.

"Wait, Chiron did you say exchange from America?" Chiron nodded "Where is Hogwarts exactly then?" Annabeth looked confused

"Oh, did I not say? Hogwarts is in Great Britain, you'll have to travel to London in order to attend."


"Yes, you'll all need to find a way that you are comfortable n traveling, I assume that nico will be shadow traveling, Percy will be going by Pegasus and Jason by plane?"  The three in question showed their agreement, "great, so the rest of you can travel those ways or we may be able to organise a way of getting there by some other method, though it may be more difficult. "

The group discussed and decided that it would be best for hazel to go with Nico when he shadow travels as a child of Pluto, and that all of the others, apart from Piper and Jason, would be going by Pegasus with Percy.

"Great, I recommend that you all try and get some sleep as you will ned to pack and be ready to leave by Tuesday and to be in London on Wednesday, where you will be staying in a hotel called the Leakey cauldron until term starts on Saturday 1st September. I will see you all tomorrow." And with that all of the teenagers left the room excited that this time next week, they would be at a British school somehow learning magic.


Ok, so I wrote this story about 4 years ago and have been meaning to get around to completely editing it as I wrote it when I was 12 and the actual writing is terrible, so here's a new draft of the first chapter. I am going to be keeping the book mostly the same just with a few tweaks here and there. If you spot any problems in the way that its not canon compliant or anything that just doesn't sound right, please tell me!

Luv ya


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