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Half-bloods at Hogwarts {currently under major editing} by sushi_melon
Half-bloods at Hogwarts {currently...by Sushi
The half-bloods go undercover at Hogwarts, will they finish the year? Who is going to mess up their quiet? Because let's face it somebody will, read to find out. Disclai...
The Big Three (pjo, hoo) by AWriterLivingInABook
The Big Three (pjo, hoo)by Me
Percy, Nico and Jason are being ignored at camp because some campers are scared of there power and to make it worse piper and annabeth break up with percy and jason. Al...
The Olympians Play Truth or Dare by SabrinaGrimm99
The Olympians Play Truth or Dareby Meri
The twelve olympians are summoned to the throne room of olympus for none other than- a game of truth or dare! Note, this is NOT a percy jackson fanfiction. Please read a...
I Never Wanted To Be A Hero; But Now I'm A Legend (Percy Jackson Fanfic) by BlueJay8779
I Never Wanted To Be A Hero; But N...by BlueJay8779
:Warning This is a betrayed Percy story but it isn't the classic Chaos and Order Crap: I just want to say that I never wanted to be a hero, or a demigod, or a- wait you...
When Time Eludes You (Percabeth) by Fromyesteryear
When Time Eludes You (Percabeth)by x minie x
"I stood on the tip of my toes to catch a glimpse of his jet black hair through the ever-growing maze of people. He didn't look back as tears rolled down my cheeks...
King and Queen of Camp Oasis by goldenfoxyty
King and Queen of Camp Oasisby goldenfoxyty
In this story a mysterious person came to warn the campers about a person calling himself the soon to be king of the universe stronger than all the gods. But the person...
Guardians of the Sun and Moon by crazyfunawesometwin
Guardians of the Sun and Moonby Maya
Alexandra Artemis Jackson is a hero. A forgotten hero. Just like her brother. She goes to Olympus to ask for death but she gets something that even she doesn't expect...
Daughter of Poseidon  by Meggie1806
Daughter of Poseidon by Meggie1806
Poseidon's first daughter Blessed by multiple gods This in a different dimension as Percy Jackson but it still set in the same time and place as it Some characters from...
The Assassin Named Cedmi ⋙ Chaos Army by MaybeImNotAGirl
The Assassin Named Cedmi ⋙ Chaos A...by MaybeImNotAGirl
In a universe where commander Cedmi would do anything and everything to remain the reigning champion of sass... Let's just say, he holds the title for the past 400 or s...
Percy is dead. Omega now lives by TheOneOfManyNames
Percy is dead. Omega now livesby SuperCatLover
Percy Jackson Age 18 His life went from Better than a gods, to good, to ok, to bad, to worse, to I want to die, Go to the Fields of Asphodel, escape, And get slashed by...
The Traitor and the Thief! by ElizabethWhite26070
The Traitor and the Thief!by Elizabeth Anna Valdez (White)
Maya Jakes is a girl on the run and her ADHD doesn't help her at all. Maya has forgotten all about her past with her family and that is why she is on the run. Until one...
Demigod RP by Demigods-r-da-boss
Demigod RPby HumbleTree
Have you ever wanted to be a demigod? Well now you can join me as we do role play.
Percy Jackson Fanbook by Phoebe_DiAngelo
Percy Jackson Fanbookby that one daughter of Poseidon
A place for all your Percy Jackson: - Memes - Jokes - Aesthetics - Gifs and more
Daughter Of The Gods by DemonsRising
Daughter Of The Godsby DemonsRising
Alex has grown up her whole life in Madame Cassandra's Orphanage, and she's hated it. The cruelness of the boy down the street and the strict attitude of Madame Cassandr...
The Son of Hades by _Some_Fangirl
The Son of Hadesby Netflix? Netflix
Satan's Assassin Is a creation per say, an experiment if you will. He used to be a normal demigod, well as normal as they could possibly come. Just another child of Her...
Annabeth's Little Girl by pokeball18
Annabeth's Little Girlby pokeball18
A little girl shows up at camp being chased by monsters. She takes a liking to Annabeth immediately. Join them as the discover her dark past and try and help her. Will t...
The void of the empty  by CayleeandBella
The void of the empty by CayleeandBella
What will happen when the gods find out Percy is abused?
The long lost by nandish2006
The long lostby Nandish Raju Kori
I don't own Percy Jackson copyright to Rick. Percy gets is cheated on and everybody hates him, he is in Greek hell for 100 years and then when he comes out there is a lo...
Forbiden (percy jackson x reader x Jason)*slow Updates* by Jewl_Voltron
Forbiden (percy jackson x reader x...by Jewl_Voltron
The forbiden one will return and save us all Secrets reveild to all Cursed and blessed Will get no rest She will come back after the giants fall.