Just Half the Year. (A Percabeth Fanfiction)

Just Half the Year. (A Percabeth Fanfiction)

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This is just a little thing I've wanted to do for a while- write a Percabeth fan fiction. So this is basically during The Mark Of Athena, and The House Of Hades, Percy and Annabeth are starting school and leaving the safety of Camp Half-Blood. 

Annabeth has to deal with her school, and has to be the perfect Demigod child so she can Go to Percy's school next semester. Yes, beware this Fanfic contains spoilers! I highly suggest you read PJO and HOO before you start this. And all Quotes that may be in here from the actual books belong to Rick Riordon! Enjoy! 

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TheGamerJavi TheGamerJavi Dec 27, 2016
How is this story possible when they are in Tartarus during the time between MOA and HOH?