Fight Back

Fight Back

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My name is Kayla By kayla3120 Updated Jan 11, 2018

"Get your guard up, Maria!" My dad guides me in the middle of my training for self defense.

This is usually how my days are my father and I would wake up promptly at 7 am for our morning run. We go through  our usual route though pack territory towards the street binders waiting for customers to buy there merch and the open salty water filled with fishermen. We wave to the neighbors that are close friends of the family, pack members, the young adult that watched my brother and I when we were in diapers. We are all a family here

This time of day is exclusive Daddy Daughter time ever since I shift into my wolf at 13. It was the most pain I have ever been through and it took longer then the books my father gave me. I thought it would never end with my bones breaking and my claws ripping out of my finger tips. My cannies bleeding from my gums and puncturing my lips. I thought the worst pain in my life was when I got my period but shifting beat that.

After a 13 hour shift my white wolf finally reveled itself and I felt at peace like I only walked on four legs instead of two. My family was there the whole time encouraging me so when I was done they all looked at me in a daze. I remember the exact words my mother said to me, "The Moon Goddess made you in greatness." The next day my father made me home schooled and we run, train and learned everyday.

My father and I both have our headphones filled with music while enjoying the scenery around our one and only home. Spain gets more and more beautiful everyday, it where my father found his best friend and our Alpha. Its where he found his mate and the place they got married and had my brother; Carlos and I.

I can't imagine life getting any better then how it is right here right now.

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