Possessive Hearts, His Desired Sin

Possessive Hearts, His Desired Sin

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Jordananime By Jordananime Updated Aug 07

{rewritten version of Possessive Hearts} 

"Where do you think you're going?" He spoke. His big strong hands pinning me against the wall. The scent of dangerous lavender feeling my senses. "To class. Where do you think?" I replied with a snark. Trying to push him away, but failed and he chuckled from my struggling. "Not today, Kitten." "Who said you could call m-" he picked up my chin forcefully. His piercing red eyes claiming my electric blue ones. The unforgettable sparks shooting through me. His eyes darkening with lust. "You're mine now Kitten." 


Ky Severs, your "grade A" average bad boy. 
Serena Havenmoon, your not so average goodie goodie girl. Their lives were both simple, Ky the future Alpha of the eclipse pack and Serena destined to follow in her father foot steps as a Beta. Little did they know...that their encounter will turn their world upside down. 

Serena is the new girl at Break Ridge high and it's already hard enough to get use to a new school...especially when the schools baddest/hottest boy is on your tail. And especially if you and that same guy had a little stare off that same morning. Not to mention that you're suppose to be his future Beta, but we'll get to that. 

Ky is the hot popular jock of the story. He gets all the girls and every teacher loves him. They even let him get away with cutting class every now and then. The Alpha in a school full of humans. The prom king of Break Ridge high. Who is still single...and still waiting for his mate. 

Never have two people be so different and yet so alike. More a like than they ever know. Their story is full of love, pain, heart break, but it's one hell of a story to read. So sit back and see...

If a Bad boy Alpha and Goodie Goodie Beta finally connect.

There's this song that has Sakura in it. I sang it in chorus like when I was wee 11.
I like her so far .... but it would be better if she didn't swoon over Ky all the time ...
jonniemc05 jonniemc05 Aug 09
I does she have pink hair and a crush named Saskue (think I spelled that right...sorry if I didn't :P)
I will have a quick guess and say that he is the future Alpha ...... Judging from the red eyes ...
I still don't like him for some reason it's because most people pick him probably