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My Best Friend, Beta, My Mate (BXB) by dreamerchristy
My Best Friend, Beta, My Mate (BXB)by dreamerchristy
Who would've thought that I was jerking off to my best friend that was in the next room? Yeah that made it even more exciting, until the door was slammed open, disturbi...
Stright Men Don't Date Alphas by akamindless
Stright Men Don't Date Alphasby Ella Moore
Here he goes again, looking at me like I'm a piece of meat, my boss, my alpha boss is eyeing me. Stop looking at me, please. As if being a beta in this messed up society...
ISABEL  by Jay_Lay_Cul
ISABEL by FF Jones
"Who are you?" She stopped just when her hand made contact with the door knob. "Alpha Isabel Martinez" she replied in a voice that wasn't hers. Dylan...
WORTHLESS (BL) by SleepyKola
WORTHLESS (BL)by SleepyKola
Jian Yu had always been a perfectionist, maybe he also bit of OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He liked everything clean and in order. He needed to recheck everything...
beta's alpha (completed) by alexiscool998
beta's alpha (completed)by zombiekiller
Alex and Theo have been best friends since birth which was a good thing since they were the future alpha and beta of the blood moon pack. Theo was the fun energetic scre...
The Betas Alpha by hkayh123
The Betas Alphaby hkayh123
Jay is going to be the next alpha of the Blue Woods pack. With his birthday coming up in a week he is excited to find out who his mate will be. Let's just say, it wasn't...
Beta Testing by iamaducklingwriter
Beta Testingby Quack!
Lu Mingyan has lived an unremarkable life his entire life. He wasn't an omega or an alpha; instead, he was an ordinary beta, which makes up 70% of the population. He lac...
Three Stooges And Their Girl || Top Gear / The Grand Tour (mpreg) by killingkilgrave
Three Stooges And Their Girl || James May stan
The Top Gear / the Grand Tour A/B/O series no one asked for. A collection of one-shots of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and their young alpha, Lizzy Nole.
Can You Hear Me? by KGFraavi
Can You Hear Me?by Sugar_Rush_hehe
Chris was wandering in thick, dark, dense forest looking for his pack mates. He cried desperately for them," LIAM! ANGE! AMY! SCOTT!*sob* where are you?! Why did yo...
The Beta On The Run[DISCONTINUED] by IceyDicey678
The Beta On The Run[DISCONTINUED]by IceyDicey678
I'm not doing a description of the story, just read to find out though details will be given in the introduction so you can find information there.
The Alpha Female  by Kayla_Boschert96
The Alpha Female by Kayla Boschert
(All credits for characters go to the show Teen Wolf) Kayla Daniels is new to Beacon Hill high and she's a born Alpha Female at the age of 16. Kayla meets a boy named...
Daphne by TheWingedCat
Daphneby The Pretty Kitty Cat
Daphne Patel was the nerdiest middle schooler and now she runs high school, but when she starts feeling selfish and as if her life had more meaning before she returns to...
Quick transmigration:The sky weeps for our love by strawberrybyun1818
Quick transmigration:The sky Ray Solar
"Sean , if one day I am in danger will you save me?" "zaen , I am reviewing the script I do not have time to waste on useless things." . . . . "...
Chết tiệt ABO thế giới  by masterMeo
Chết tiệt ABO thế giới by masterMeo
Trọng sinh , xuyên không có một cái cuộc đời mới rất tuyệt vời sao ??? - Đúng , đúng quá mức tuyệt vời 😙😙 đại chúng đồng thanh trả lời - Tốt cái bít , ####%...
Beta's Third Chance MXM by aoiskyoai
Beta's Third Chance MXMby Sky Blue
What if you were given a second chance? --- Beta Kim "Ethan" Yong-saeng is a Korean-American who is working as a stand-in Beta for his family. On the other han...
The Damaged Mate [bxb] by Juanisha5
The Damaged Mate [bxb]by Juanisha5
"You are not beta material. After I mate, you will be my concubine" he yelled in rage. Jake was the beta of the Blue Ridge Pack. But of course he was broken...
The Alpha and his beta. by Ferney2011
The Alpha and his GRIMMREPER
When two of the closest friends meet fete on their birthday what will Happen next.?? 18+
WRATH.  m/m by siinfulideas
WRATH.  m/mby SEAN.