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Healing a Broken Bond by realrat
Healing a Broken Bondby realrat
When Beta Ryan was only 16 years old, he met his father for the first time and four brothers that turned out to be his mates. The tension between them was so high due to...
WORTHLESS (BL) by SleepyKola
WORTHLESS (BL)by SleepyKola
Jian Yu had always been a perfectionist, maybe he also bit of OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He liked everything clean and in order. He needed to recheck everything...
beta's alpha (completed) by alexiscool998
beta's alpha (completed)by zombiekiller
Alex and Theo have been best friends since birth which was a good thing since they were the future alpha and beta of the blood moon pack. Theo was the fun energetic scre...
[BL] The Beta's Husband Is Really Reliable by LostSTRings
[BL] The Beta's Husband Is Xiao Didi
[Status: MAIN; Once a week, Twice at best.] ========= The Beta was unfortunate. When it comes to matters of love he would fall for the wrong sex. His first love was an O...
The Betas Alpha by hkayh123
The Betas Alphaby hkayh123
Jay is going to be the next alpha of the Blue Woods pack. With his birthday coming up in a week he is excited to find out who his mate will be. Let's just say, it wasn't...
His Hubris by babsbourbon
His Hubrisby Boobon
Bourbon's a boy from a broken family who found a legal loophole to escape from his past life. Piet's the boy next door with a secret/not-so-secret issue that affects his...
The exoskeleton is essential for the crabs survival by StevieGrantRogers
The exoskeleton is essential for I cry blood
Bruce talks Steve down from a bridge and it awakens some feelings Steve May have been harboring for a while
Daphne by TheWingedCat
Daphneby The Pretty Kitty Cat
Daphne Patel was the nerdiest middle schooler and now she runs high school, but when she starts feeling selfish and as if her life had more meaning before she returns to...
The Omega's Heart by A_Cat_or_A_Fox
The Omega's Heartby Borealis System
The Omega Dale gets cornered but, Beta Lilith saves him. Dale is starting to think that he loves the Alpha Russel when he realizes that Russel is taken by Lilith but wha...
Chemical love /Mabbell/ by Shweden
Chemical love /Mabbell/by ▼M Λ R T Y R▼
Sometimes your savior is the person, who is standing right next to you. Just stretch out your hand to him, and let him help. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm really tired of...
Transmigrated To An Omegaverse Novel?! by Anastrisha
Transmigrated To An Omegaverse Anastrisha
When I opened my eyes, I realise that I might be in an 「Omegaverse」novel! No matter! As a "female" beta in a BL Omegaverse, so long as she avoid love flags, it...
The Beta On The Run by IceyDicey678
The Beta On The Runby IceyDicey678
I'm not doing a description of the story, just read to find out though details will be given in the introduction so you can find information there.
Then we grew up. COMPLETED by Atydsupremacy75
Then we grew up. COMPLETEDby Atydsupremacy75
Finding your mate was something they dreamed of from the day they were old enough to understand what it meant. Fairytales and carefree romance. Who wouldn't want that? ...
Stuck in Between (BxBxB) by smolfujo
Stuck in Between (BxBxB)by ...
The future beta of the Dark Moon pack, Kiah have encountered a lot of problems that have resulted to a trauma. He was called useless and not worthy to be the pack's futu...
My Mate is my Enemy(Completed) by ImAuthorR
My Mate is my Enemy(Completed)by RiRi
Who would've seen this coming. I am mated to my Enemy. My Enemy. But he didn't reject me? Or did he? What will happen to us?
The alpha of Midnight Shadow Pack by Goldenpetals02
The alpha of Midnight Shadow Packby GoldenRose🌹
The alpha and the Luna of the Midnight shadow Pack, they only have one child and she happens to be a female. After having died in the rogue attack which killed the Alpha...
Chết tiệt ABO thế giới  by masterMeo
Chết tiệt ABO thế giới by masterMeo
Trọng sinh , xuyên không có một cái cuộc đời mới rất tuyệt vời sao ??? - Đúng , đúng quá mức tuyệt vời 😙😙 đại chúng đồng thanh trả lời - Tốt cái bít , ####%...
Midnight Luna  by N0RTHN0DE
Midnight Luna by TYRVNT
Vanessa Moore is a hybrid. A rare kind of hybrid. Half Fae and half Werewolf. When her werewolf counterpart finds her mate, life for Vanessa spirals in ways that nobody...
The One He wants (Oneshot) by shinningstar31
The One He wants (Oneshot)by ☆𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐫☆
I've always been surround by omega's who let out their scents to attract me but I'm not attracted to any of them in fact they all repulse me and make me want to throw up...