Chapter 10: I am NOT Cinderella

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~Alpha Jacob Anderson~

            Its been 2 months since I seen her. And all I can think about is how could I have been so stupid? I had her. I had my mate. The one and only person I could ever need in this world, and I let her get away. How could I fail her already. 

   'You should have listen to me.' Demetri scolds at me. I'm ignoring him because he is right.

         I think about what could be happening to her. There are times were I wish she is perfectly fine and traveling the world with somebody else she cares about having the time of her life. I let myself think that sometimes, and it kinda kills me if she with someone else other then me already but it still would be better then the truth.

          The countless search teams I put together found more evidence in her disappearance. They found 2 wolf paw prints that show signs of a struggle and some poison droplets, but when they followed them they vanish. 

  'My mate a fighter,' he coos over how amazing our mate is.

           I can't sleep knowing somebody has her and I don't know what they are doing to her or what they want her for. 

  'GET UP AND LOOK FOR HER!' Demetri nags at me and I am seriously considering listening to him.

               After what Maria father told me about her on the day of my inanition. I came to the conclusion that they might want her powerful wolf, and my blood boils at the thought of it. 

             I know all about the power a white wolf has though stories passed down. They are know to be great leaders and strong warrior with amazing healing properties. 

              I think about what would have happen if I didn't reject her. If I stole her away from every horny male wolf at the party and kept her all to myself. If I marked and introduce her to the pack not as a new member but as their Luna. 

             Demetri is imagining marking our beautiful mate and I'm getting very distracted with his thoughts on the mating process with her.

             Its 3 am in the morning and I can't sleep, so instead of wasting time trying to get some sleep for the next search I might as well listen to Demetri and get a head start. I leave my bed and head into a cold shower to keep my mind and body agile and focus.

            I don't bother putting on a shirt because their no point when I'm just going to shift as soon as I step into the woods. I grab some sweat pants and walk out of the pack house. When I reach the threshold of the front door I see Luke on the porch in the middle of shifting. 

               I have a pretty good guess on to why he is up this late. It still baffles me on to how could Maria father act so calm about an arranged marriage. I always thought fathers never ever wanted their baby girl to get married. 

              Is he not worry that Maria will resent her for it? I think about if I find her will I accept her? Will she accept me? Will she even forgive me for rejecting her?

                 I rejected her because I thought wouldn't be able to handle it if I finally have something thats mine in my life and lose it like how my father lost my mother.

                   If I have something thats pure and good. Will I be able to handle it? Will I be able to handle if I can't have her anymore. What if she realized she is too good for me? That she can do so much better then me. That she deserve much better then me and I want that for her. I want her to have the very best and I don't think that I can give it to her but the selfish part of me doesn't care. 

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