Siren's Mark

Siren's Mark

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After developing a series of unexplained symptoms and chronic pain, Ava Reynolds had resigned to living an unextraordinary life as "that sick girl".

When a night out with her boyfriend ends in a blow-up fight, she ends up going home with someone else-a handsome, tattooed stranger named Zane.

But Zane is more than meets the eye: He's an ancient Siren with supernatural powers of attraction and a venomous kiss capable of driving anyone wild. He can have anyone he wants, but he only wants her.

As Ava is pulled into Zane's world of Sirens, Incubi, and Demons, her life becomes anything but ordinary. But is she truly falling in love-or is she just falling under his spell?


✓ COMPLETED - Aug. 12, 2020

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⚠️ Trigger Warning: Contains explicit language, sex, violence, and alcohol use. Story at times addresses themes of homophobia, illness, and medical issues. Reader discretion encouraged.