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Seventeen-year-old Hannah Thompson never really had a normal life. She started hearing voices in her head and other people's thoughts when she was thirteen, and her neglectful parents thought she was insane. Being forced to take medications that silenced the voices, she was rendered weak and useless, and indefinitely- alone. After one blurry year filled with psychiatrists and medications, Hannah couldn't live that way anymore. She learned to pretend not to hear the voices and after a while, they faded away. 

Until three years later.

Hannah was sent to an all girls boarding school for troubled teenagers. Throwing her into a world of discipline and harsh punishments, she struggled to fit in to a place she didn't belong. After spending two years there she just mixed in with everyone else. She was just another face in a crowd of students that didn't want to be there. Her life was turning back to normal, until she is visited by an Incubus in her dreams-or so she thought. Being thrown into the world of supernatural, Hannah is left with more questions than answers on how a dark and handsome stranger changed her life forever.

She craved his lethal, forbidden love.

• Incubus • A male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women.

** Complete but undergoing editing so I apologize for any inconsistencies.

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sapphicauthor sapphicauthor Nov 24, 2017
Love the Panic! reference and I think I can see where this "detention" is going already.
TheBiersack_Girl15 TheBiersack_Girl15 Jul 09, 2017
Climbing out back the door, didn't leave a mark
                              No one knows it's you Miss Jackson
                              Found another victim
                              But no one's ever gonna find Miss Jackson Jackson
Mixin1 Mixin1 Nov 13, 2017
As soon I say sleep and paralyzed I was like 'welp ,she's having sleep paralysis, rip (Rest.In.PAIN)'😂😂LOL
Malumarocks Malumarocks Apr 26, 2017
please do tell me who is Mr. Dalton or pls get his photo!! And your story theme is very interesting and diffrent from evry other story.
                              Keep going gal!! :D
AyalisseMac AyalisseMac Jun 10, 2016
I came here after reading 5 Alpha Mates! Totally good! And I heard in your Alpha Mate Book, they discussed about incubus as well
KittenLexxStans KittenLexxStans Mar 02, 2017
Climbing out the back door didn't leave a mark no one knows its you Miss Jackson. Found another victim but no ones gonna find Miss Jackson.