You're Not Alone (Naruto Fanfic/Gaara Love Story)

You're Not Alone (Naruto Fanfic/Gaara Love Story)

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Lily By DarkWolf991 Updated Sep 30, 2014

I didn't blink, I wouldn't give them the satisfaction.

"Ha! Serves you right monster! And this is only the beginning! Prepare for it!” One of the boys laughing shouted at me.

Why do people hate me?
I didn't do anything wrong.

His blood red hair and sea foam eyes… Looking down to the ground as he held onto a small teddy on the swings.

He visibly panicked “N- No stop! Don’t come any closer! Don’t hurt me!” My eyes snapped to his, hurt him?

“Why?” I asked simply.

He looked at me, then my hand on his shoulder, “Wh-Why what?!”

I registered his worry, “Why would I hurt you?” I answered back.

We were the same. We were the exact same.

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Lol I never cry not when family die dogs pets animals anime characters people in books not at funarls nothing XD
Yes we do but when your older my little Gaara 
                              (Wow it was hard not to put anything pervy XD)
Oh yes, just say write die on a seat of a bike for a little girl to read. Oh how sweet they are, the sure know how to spread the love. Note the sarcasm
Major_Probs Major_Probs Jun 13
Gotta wait til you're 17 hun-bun... we don't want any pregnant 7 year olds now do we?
I've had the same thing said to me.... Bring back way to many memories....
No Gaara means he is mine so stay away before I murder you all