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You and me? Love? [Kiba x reader] by alkmop
You and me? Love? [Kiba x reader]by alkmoo
Your the random girl who helped out Kiba and Akamaru. You don't remember much about yourself, and your backstory. But after making many friends in the Hidden Leaf, you r...
  • fanfic
  • complete
  • akamaru
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Uzumaki's Best Friend by Cleoamelia
Uzumaki's Best Friendby Autumn
Story twist! When Naruto Uzumaki was younger he gained a single friend. A girl born in a different village. They grew up together and raised hell together. Although, the...
  • akamaru
  • sasuke
  • gaara
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Definition Of Fear by -royaltyfree
Definition Of Fearby king
[ fear → /'fir/ • noun ] "an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat" Kotone is an od...
  • panic
  • colors
  • konoha
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Book 2 |Naruto Shippuden various! X reader by deste_4real
Book 2 |Naruto Shippuden various...by DesteThatOneWeirdo
*Second book to 'Another Jinchuriki?!' After leaving the village to train for two years with her buddy Naruto and her Sensei Jiraiya, they return to the Leaf Village. Th...
  • rocklee
  • readerxcharacter
  • choji
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The Naruto World by Naruto_00
The Naruto Worldby Naruto_00
One day, when Tsuki Akari was out and did some good deeds, She was offered a necklace as a token. But that necklace wasn't just any other necklace. It was a necklace tha...
  • orochimaru
  • ino
  • hinata
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She's the one [Naruto Variousx reader] by Alcazor
She's the one [Naruto Variousx rea...by Crazy Kid**
Y/N Otsutsuki, the most interesting ninja the Leaf Village has met. The Otsutsukis, known differently to Y/N than what the stories had informed. With her cheery and kind...
  • various
  • ino
  • sasuke
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Undercover [Completed] [Under Editing] by -yakka-
Undercover [Completed] [Under Edit...by ♤
(Highest Ranking: #4 in anbu) *Edited summary* Uzumaki Naruto is an enigma, he is quiet, orders random people around expecting them to follow those orders, and they do...
  • naruto
  • shikamaru
  • choji
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A Slight Issue by strawhat_pirate
A Slight Issueby Straw
Sasuke has a slight issue, and his name is Lennox. For three years, Sasuke's crush has grown and grown. He's in love with a boy, and he's okay with that. It's not that L...
  • tenten
  • sakura
  • kiba
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Sakura's twin?  (A Naruto Love Story)  by yukiRibinson
Sakura's twin? (A Naruto Love Sto...by Gidget
Sakura has a twin named Kira and she is liked by Naruto. Sakura dosen't like Naruto to be around Kira. Kira wants to be a strong Medic Ninja. Kira is a sweet, kind, and...
  • akamaru
  • sakura
  • naruto
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F A M I L I A R by mostlyamanda
F A M I L I A Rby 아만다
Iwagakure has been my home for my entire life. My clan used to be one of the most powerful in the village, but after the last Great Shinobi War we were left almost extin...
  • adventure
  • shippuden
  • naruto
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Kagome Uzumaki by FantasyWriter345
Kagome Uzumakiby FantasyWriter345
Inuyasha killed Kagome in order for Kikyo's soul to be whole again. Fortunately, Kagome is reborn into the world of shinobi: Konoha. She is the nine-tails jinchūriki and...
  • kagome
  • kiba
  • sakura
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Forked Shadows by DreamEater5384
Forked Shadowsby DreamEater5384
"I'm leaving." Her eyes were slightly glazed, the once strong resolve shattered to pieces, and her shoulders hunched over in defeat. Her head tucked in, away...
  • ninja
  • notalovestory
  • evil
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The Silent Prodigy: Book 1 by TheFreeSoul25
The Silent Prodigy: Book 1by TheFreeSoul25
Mai Haruno was a prodigy, except no one knew that. She was a silent genius who hardly ever drew attention to herself. Mai's sister, Sakura Haruno who was always in the s...
  • akatsuki
  • akamaru
  • haruno
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F A M I L I A R : B O O K T W O by mostlyamanda
F A M I L I A R : B O O K T W Oby 아만다
Sequel to Familiar. When we last saw Asuna, she was forced to return to Iwa at the request of the Tsuchikage. What she finds there will either tear her apart or give he...
  • village
  • shino
  • team8
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Wild Cat (A Kiba Love Story) by strawberrypolkadot
Wild Cat (A Kiba Love Story)by Strawberry-chan
Kiba x OC On a job, Kiba and Akamaru are thrown far into the ocean and when they wake up, they find themselves on a jungle island. Kiba meets Rei, a girl his age who has...
  • naruto
  • romance
  • kibalovestory
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Ace in the hole. Guys adopted daughter (naruto fan fic) by trackher
Ace in the hole. Guys adopted daug...by TrackHer
Aurora or Ace was found in the land of stone by non other than our very own............................. Might Guy......... this is the life of Ace what will happen nex...
  • akamaru
  • lee
  • gái
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Wilcza dziewczyna//Naruto by Dead_Male2005
Wilcza dziewczyna//Narutoby Dead_Male2005
Dziewczyna, która ma wilcze uszy i ogon, będzie miała dużo przygód. Czy dziewczyna spotka swoją pierwszą miłość? Czy będzie miała kiedyś swoje dzieci? Czy zdobędzie przy...
  • szaleństwo
  • psychopatka
  • czarny
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It Was Fate (Kiba Love Story) by animelover123
It Was Fate (Kiba Love Story)by Jackie
Rogue Pirates have caused trouble throughout the villages. Five Shinobi were given a mission to stop them but one pirate catches Kiba's eye. Will he have to bring her do...
  • love
  • kiba
  • romance
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Naruto One-shots by LisaRoseJones
Naruto One-shotsby Mechanical Trash
One shots about the characters of naruto :) Oc's and reader inserts! Also for boys! And those who want can always request a yaoi or yuri one shot!
  • rock
  • kiba
  • lee
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Silent But Deadly(Kiba/OC) by Anvelite
Silent But Deadly(Kiba/OC)by Anvelite
Inu Ōgoe is a huge contradiction. She's beautiful but her personality is bitter. She hates dogs yet her surname is 'dog'. Her name means 'loud' and yet she is mute. Ever...
  • kiba
  • silence
  • world
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