I'll Show You (rewritten)

I'll Show You (rewritten)

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ellabellaboo By butcanthisgirlwrite Updated Sep 06

Females were weak. 

An objective that could be as easily obtained as those in video games. All they had was the body, the potential for young and had no capacity for greatness. Females having a brain would just be absurd.

Males, however, had everything. The power, the influence, the authority, the drive and to top the sexist cherry on the cake- the opportunities the females weren't given. 

In a world where males dominate the werewolf society and females are seen as nothing more than a possession, is it really possible for Kacie to lead the life she's always wanted? Not to be controlled, tamed or submissive to the other sex. Not to be the fragile she-wolf she's been branded from the moment she was born. But to be the person she knows she can be, the feisty, no shit taking girl with a heart as big as gold. With the loss of her parents, rejection and constant suffering can she overcome the trauma her life has graced her with?

It all depends on if she gives in to the darkness of rejection or if she thrives from it.

Can insanity be your best friend?

(Not your typical cliché rejection werewolf story)

Cover by me

Contains explicit sexual content and swearing (you have been warned)

imsotiredrn imsotiredrn Sep 03
Sorry this gets me heated.for the longest time everybody. Thought my name was another way to spell Beyonce. And now that people actually know the name authors  keep making the bad people be BiaNCA ... Someone make a BiaNCA worth reading about!!!!! Just whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy me
ok_umm ok_umm Aug 06
A pack looks weak when they hurt other pack members on purpose
Paigiekinz Paigiekinz Jun 20
Am I the only one who noticed that you can't open chapter 13 and instead it goes here…
_The_Food_Life_ _The_Food_Life_ Jul 17, 2015
This makes me want to cry so freakin hard. Can they get a life! It's not her fault
docterrubywho docterrubywho May 18, 2015
I'll beat their plastic fake butts for you! then they will see what pain us like!!!
mystreygirl2000 mystreygirl2000 Apr 08, 2015
Let me at this bitch !!Nobody deserve that kind of treatment!!! Sad first chapter but I love it so far