Sour Puss & Other Tales

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Margaret Lemontree By MargaretLemontree Updated 3 years ago
A Strange Little Poetry Collection
    (With original artwork included)
    Original Cover Art: "What?!" Cat, by Margaret Lemontree
Wow! This is beautiful, you are really talented!!! I read your comment below, it really followed you home? You must be the butterfly whisperer :D I love the ending to this poem, it made me laugh :) Keep writing, I love them all!!!! :)
this poem is cute, and very original. a cat with character ;) Voted and fanned!
Lol thank you, it looks like we both have cats with lots of character !! ;)
Well it's quite strange, but SorrallMiller has also commented on this poem, and it was her I was going to direct you to. She also has a poem about a cat, called Shimmer the Princess Pussycat. It's very humourou as well :)