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About Lemons:
"When life hands you lemons, it is said one can make lemonade. Indeed. Lemonade can and should be made. Tasty, refreshing beverage, if you ask me. However, there's more to lemons than lemonade. Here are a few redeemable things about lemons:
-Lemons have seeds, which can be planted, to grow more lemons, thus, renewable.
-They are high in acidic content and have astringent (cleansing) properties. Because of their acidity, lemons are often used in cooking. The acidic lemon juice also stings quite badly if you manage to get it in an open wound, such as a cut or scratch. And accidentally getting the stuff in your eye is a real bummer. Here's a thought: I propose that lemon juice spritzers could be used in conjunction with things like pepper sprays and whatnot, stuff used in personal defense. (Example: you are jogging. Mugger tries to mug you, but you squirt lemon juice in their eyes. Ouch! The loser now has to deal with the juice in their eyes. You call the cops. Now the loser isn't just a loser. Now, because his eyes hurt, he's a Sore Loser. Yay! Lemon Juice!)
-Natural oils in the protective covering, or Rind, is useful in a million ways, to include perfume manufacturing & furniture polish.
-As hinted to above, lemons can be used to make food & beverages. In Italy, there's a lemon liquor, called "Limoncello". It is made with a certain kind of lemon that is particular to a certain region. It is very pretty, looks awesome under a black light (UV), and is tasty if poured over Gelato (Italian ice-cream-like treat).
-Lemons come in different colors, many varieties, and are very pretty.

Now, there's probably a lot more I'm missing, but you get the gist of it.

Hope you enjoyed this Lemony tale.
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