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Injustice - SUBJECT: T.A.S.K.M.A.S.T.E.R by KDisthename
Injustice - SUBJECT: K D
After being freed from the program by Batman, you tried to live a normal life as a teenager. However, when the Regime emerged, Batman called on you for help, and you agr...
The Dragon and Kryptonian  by wolfdagger11609
The Dragon and Kryptonian by wolfdagger11609
Y/N Ziegler. His own brother had killed him because he was a threat to his clan. He was saved by a Doctor called Angela Ziegler who took him in and raised him. Except he...
What Makes A Hero(Naruto/Injustice) by Akatsuki_Kage
What Makes A Hero(Naruto/Injustice)by Akatsuki-Kage
After the Reanimation Jutsu is undone, Itachi dies again and is ready to move on to the next life, but he is instead sent to the DC Injustice universe prior to a conflic...
Injustice: Broken Family  by TonyGarcia348
Injustice: Broken Family by Billy the Blue Beaver
Kevin Beaumont hasn't always had it lucky. Knowing that his father is Bruce Wayne/Batman, the boy never knew his own father growing up, so he only had his mother Andrea...
Injustice: Reporting For Duty by RayTheRipper
Injustice: Reporting For Dutyby RayTheRipper
Superman has killed the Joker. His regime has already started toppling governments. The President of the United States has recruited Batman to put a stop to him. So, Bat...
The Ghost: Injustice 2 x Ghost of Tsushima Crossover (Male Reader Insert) by PrimeofPrimes115
The Ghost: Injustice 2 x Ghost Prime of the House of El
*ONGOING* Supergirl x male reader *takes place after Absolute Power ending* With Brainiac defeated, and the Regime being victorious over Batman and his allies, Superman...
pain in injustice by JhosHenrique
pain in injusticeby Jhosé Henrique
he thinks he's like black adam but doesn't kill heroes he'll side with superman at first but when superman kills the green archer he'll side with batman
My Ghidorah  by wolfdagger11609
My Ghidorah by wolfdagger11609
Encaged in ice, sleeping only to be found by Batman. Ghidorah emerges out from his icy prison to fight for justice and freedom of people like him. Wonder Woman treats Y...
Injustice Gods Among Us x Male Reader by WilliamHarley0
Injustice Gods Among Us x Male William Harley
A few hours. It only took a few hours for our greatest ally to become our greatest threat. On a normal day like any other, The Joker once again breaks out of Arkham and...
The Genomix Hero of Union by PatrickEstvo
The Genomix Hero of Unionby Patrick Estêvão
Hiromi Kadota was one of the founders of Union Academy, and made it for the sole purpose of training a new generation of heroes to protect the world. However the Union C...
Marvel Heroes in Injustice (DcXMarvel Fanfic) by KaitouParthLax1278
Marvel Heroes in Injustice ( Parth 4869
In an alternate AU , only some of earth mightiest heroes are left and they are teleported by One above All , to A DC Universe. But in which version? The Injustice verse...
The Art of Courts and Lies (Book 1 in The Gifted Trilogy) by chlo_dance
The Art of Courts and Lies (Book Chloe
Ice flooded my veins as the realization of who he was hit me. It must have been evident on my face because the man in front of me let out a dark laugh. "Oh dear, yo...
The Claiming by Beautiful_Dreamer
The Claimingby Emily
The kingdom of Bayfell requires that every male and female must marry after he or she turns sixteen. Of course, not everyone loves this law, but the kingdom's population...
The Art of Blood and Power (Book 2 in The Gifted Trilogy) by chlo_dance
The Art of Blood and Power (Book Chloe
As long as people believed that there was a division between the Gifted and the non-Gifted, that one was superior to the other, I wasn't done. As long as there were king...
Once a Ghost, Always a Ghost by PatrickEstvo
Once a Ghost, Always a Ghostby Patrick Estêvão
(Disowned Danny Phantom X Injustice AU) Once Danny's parents found out that their own son was one of the ghosts, they decide to disown him. Now completely depressed, he...
Multi-Fandom Oneshots by multi-fandom-enjoyer
Multi-Fandom Oneshotsby Comic Nerd
A collection of oneshots from multiple fandoms including: Marvel DC Comics Wednesday Five Nights at Freddy's Harry Potter Hunger Games (More to be added)
Desire Grand Prix vs Union Academy by JeymisPeixoto
Desire Grand Prix vs Union Academyby Jeymis Peixoto
(Spin-off of Conclusion to be a Vigilante.) Isurugi Midoriya, Sougo Todoroki, Ori Uraraka and Mika Yaoyorozu witnessed the evil brought by Union Academy, and decided to...
High school dxd: The Kryptonian God by thunder_god18
High school dxd: The Kryptonian Godby Thunder_god18
Issei Kent, son of klark Kent the legendary Superman who ended the Great War. He trained with his father in metropolis city, his parents passed away due to old age and h...
The Red Dragon Warrior of Injustice by PatrickEstvo
The Red Dragon Warrior of Injusticeby Patrick Estêvão
(Kamen Rider Ryuki OC X Injustice X Small Crossover) Ikari Kido was a japanese journalist who used to work at Daily Planet until he left Metropolis before its destructio...