Chained (Daryl Dixon x Male Reader)

Chained (Daryl Dixon x Male Reader)

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Kassie By JayyVon699 Updated Oct 19, 2017

New edited and improved version. Warning! This is a Hermaphrodite x Daryl Dixon story. A hermaphrodite is a male with female parts, but biologically, they are still a male. (He is not transgender. Being transgender is when a male or female doesn't feel like they are of the correct sex, and usually ends up having a sex change. Look at the definitions of each term, people, I've done my research for this.) You have been warned. 

I stared the man dead in the eyes. The gun was pointed between my eyes as he shook. His face was covered in dirt and grime. He looked terrible. 

He wouldn't listen to me. No matter what I said to him, it didn't matter. To him, I was just a lone wanderer, a slut who could be toyed with for his desire. He thought I was alone in this store. Oh was he wrong. My son was with me. My husband was with me. He had no idea either. 

A small run for supplies for Alexandria turned from being harmless, to not so harmless. Damn. I hated when Daryl ended up being right. Now I owed Eren and Carl some chocolate from the pantry. 

I watched as the man's lips moved, trying to get me to drop my weapon and get on the floor so he could have me satisfy his needs. He was disgusting. 
This guy obviously had no idea. You don't fuck with a Dixon without consequences.

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- - Dec 22, 2016
Homie, there is such thing as *TRANS BOYS*!!!¡!  So instead of making ur characters magically pregnant, u could've made him trans.
HaruIgarashi HaruIgarashi Oct 14, 2016
Okay okay... I don't usually like Mpreg but I gonna give it a chance. This looks like a really nice ff... So yes! I'll give it a try :D