Alpha Mate | ✓

Alpha Mate | ✓

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"How can you be alpha of the king's pack when you aren't even a king?" He says once again disrespecting me and my alpha status

"Arent you meant to be a male wolf? Then how come you're acting like such a little bitch?" I defend myself seeing as my so called mate just stands there with a blank expression on his face

Everyone Ooo's and laughs where as I choose to ignore their idiotic reactions to my comment.

Aaliyah was set to be the first female alpha. her mom Luna Maria was unable to produce a son making Aaliyah the only Alpha left to the Kings pack. 

This would cause trouble in the pack. The king's pack was the strongest most dominant pack in almost all the world apart from their allies the Ace pack and a few others. Powerful packs needed powerful leaders. Aaliyah was the opposite she was quiet, shy, and very afraid of confrontation she couldn't even turn yet. She was doomed. she knew she didn't have what it took to be alpha and so did the rest of her pack.

At 13 she was sent away for her alpha training still having not experienced her first change on the full moon. By her 18th birthday, she will  fulfil her family's tradition to continue the strength of the packs and their allies


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