Handcuffs Are So Juvenile

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Night By DarkestNight Updated 3 years ago
Tracy Marcus was a delinquent. And a really good criminal. Every night, she'd be chased by annoyed police, dodging flying bullets, or sneaking into buildings.
       However, when a new, very good-looking cop joins the police force, it gets harder and harder for her to get away with her schemes. She's determined to get rid of the officer, once and for all.
       Unfortunately, it will be harder to do that, as the officer is not only as cunning, witty, and smart as her, he's her next door neighbor.
This is great! Please update more.... I noticed you only had 10 parts
that is so amazing loving it so much and can't wait to read the rest.I love how she gets away and gets out of the handcuffs loving this crazy bitch
This very diferent for what I usualy read...but weird as it is....I think it's amazin'! 
                                    Great job.