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The QB Bad Boy and Me by tayxwriter
The QB Bad Boy and Meby Tay
Dallas Bryan is focused on her future, but whenever she's around Drayton Lahey, the bad boy quarterback, her mind keeps falling back to the present. ...
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The Nursing Home Crime Texts - COMPLETED by CeciandJack
The Nursing Home Crime Texts - CeciandJack
#1 Nonfiction. The secrets of life, sex, and powder skiing, including modestly arousing photos of prostitutes, a search for buried women, and a nursing home romance. Eve...
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Finding Asher  by Tgunter22
Finding Asher by Tina Louise
Highest ranking #13 in Chicklit Formerly called His Buttercup Book #2 in Our Roots Series, but can be read as a stand alone. He was a criminal trying to start over. She...
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Regras Mais Selvagens by PricillaCaixeta
Regras Mais Selvagensby Pricilla F. Caixeta
A família Rowan está de volta à pequena cidade de Seven Heavens depois de uma temporada na Europa, mas Olivia Wilder preferiria que Seth e Carson não tivessem retornado...
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l'amour by heyitsjasleen
l'amourby 🍒🍉
Adelynn and Adrian just met each other today at a coffee shop. Then, Adrian and his family come over for dinner at Adelynn's house only to find out Adrian's her new neig...
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Soren by claudicorn
Sorenby Claudia
Having lived in the forest for almost as long as she can remember, Soren is used to solitude. Her only company the trees and the winds, she lives happily off of the natu...
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tongue tied  by nathmackinnons
tongue tied by lawcro
"i loved ya then and i love you now"
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Heart of a Cowboy (Heart of Colorado #1) by caffrey1974
Heart of a Cowboy (Heart of Mary
Corinne McAllister didn't realize how unhappy she was in her courtship until Ryne Wilkinson showed up at her home one morning. In an unforeseeable twist of events, they...
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Too Powerful? [COMPLETED!] by raihanmoi
Too Powerful? [COMPLETED!]by raihanmoi
Loosely based on the X-Men movies- They say that everything we do, no matter how small, sets large things in motion. 18-year old Alexandra had just joined the X-Men, car...
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Howl by DrunkOkapi
Howlby M. V. Koskinen
Lukas is a werewolf without a pack and quite happy with that fact. However, when his family's former pack asks him to return home, he agrees to visit them, planning on h...
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Werewolf Warrior Princess by KendraBingham
Werewolf Warrior Princessby Kendra
Sequel Fighting Fate out now! - Evelynn has been different for her entire life. Stronger, faster and smarter. Her wolf was just as strong, if not stronger. No one cou...
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Visions by TLSpencer
Visionsby Tanya Spencer
Luke slid his arm around the back of my chair and nodded toward Kai. "You two know each other?" "Kind of." There was no need to turn and see the cont...
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Freedom Ranch by mortaldarkangel
Freedom Ranchby A. N. Mendez
(Title and Cover Photo may change since this is a rough draft) Dakota, an Army Veteran in a small town in Texas, has had enough of her good for nothing husband. After a...
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Someday Never Comes by JLR_Loy
Someday Never Comesby J.L. Loy
An amorous (possibly Norwegian) ski instructor, a tourist trap brochure, a stray rock; Christian Wallace isn't sure which one's to blame for landing him in Defiance, Col...
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Something Beautiful (Love Travels West, Book 5) by cradle_life
Something Beautiful (Love Vladislava Mari
Beautiful doesn't always mean perfect. It has been a year and a half since the death of Edward Martin and the Cora Belle Ranch has returned to its peaceful and quiet way...
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Deadly Secrets by Terry_Odell
Deadly Secretsby Terry Odell
Mapleton, Colorado's police chief, Gordon Hepler, would rather be on the streets than behind a desk dealing with budgets and the town council, but he promised his late m...
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The Nameless Boy by cutelikepandas
The Nameless Boyby cutelikepandas
"The voices." He simply said. "Voices? In your head?" I asked remembering he's schizophrenic. "Yeah. They tear me down, they rip me apart. They'...
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NHL Imagines (Requests are OPEN) by MrsCalumHood
NHL Imagines (Requests are OPEN)by Maddie_C.17
I will write for any player but I don't know a huge amount so I might have to do some research on them and/or their family so sorry if any of the information is wrong I...
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Anemones in the Wind, Pagosa Cliffs Book 4 (#wattys2019 ) by PenumbraMine
Anemones in the Wind, Pagosa M.M. Ward PenumbraMINE
"Sometimes only Love can get one through the Storms." Cake Artist Milli Velvet Haywood is an anemone, the delicate flower that weathers the worst storms and bl...
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Auradon Blues by I_Ship_Jal
Auradon Bluesby Certified Fangirl
The AK's, and Evie, Jay, Carlos, and Mal are all in their senior year of school. Ben broke Mal's heart by cheating on her with Audrey. Carlos swooped in and won Mal's he...
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