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ADHIKAAR by A_Learning_Pen
ADHIKAARby A Learning Pen
Yeh kahani, hai Adhikar ki... jho Niyaati ne cheena kisi se, yeh kahani hai Vishwaaas ki... Pyaar ki aur... Parivaar ki...
Sirens in Seattle by Forever_young325
Sirens in Seattleby B
When pre-med student Mia gets pulled over on her way to school, she doesn't think that the rude Officer Phoenix Adams is anything more than a factor of a bad day. She d...
His Hope by marleybliss
His Hopeby MarleyBliss
Her freedom. His Hope. Read the story of how a troubled girl and a tattooed man who upholds the law, find love.
The Cop Who Loves Me...A Teenager by bridge16
The Cop Who Loves Me...A Teenagerby Bridget
Autumn Reynolds was told by an extremely handsome cop that her entire family was in a car accident and were in critical condition. Soon after, they die only a few hours...
locked up | billie eilish by 888billieout
locked up | billie eilishby 888billieout
⚠️ blake~g!p / sub billie ⚠️ 21 year old, blake miller, has to look out for a blue haired girl who just got admitted to the jail she works at...
PLS# 1 Fallen Moon by _beyond_infinity_
PLS# 1 Fallen Moonby Sudharshna Uthayakumar
COMPLETED! COP LOVE STORY. Karthick Prakash He is a definition of dutiful,responsible and stone hearted police officer. He loves his family first and then comes his wo...
Pronto Para Ser Esposa? Soon to be Wife? by Mchawtt
Pronto Para Ser Esposa? Soon to pizzalyf
This book is teacherxstudent love story and of course it is girl x girl Sira is a teenage girl who suffers from anger issues and has a tiny crush on her teacher who als...
Suno Sasur Ji by autophilewriter
Suno Sasur Jiby autophilewriter
A fanfiction on ZDMN Cover credit goes to the person who has created it but I really don't remember the name
Handcuffed Bliss - Watty Awards... 2012 by vickyv
Handcuffed Bliss - Watty Vicky
18 year old Rudra is forced to marry 34 year old Ethan who happens to be a dad of an 18 year old himself. Can two culturally different people with an age difference of o...
Bwwm Oneshots by Vanillaaa___
Bwwm Oneshotsby Tiara 😁
Bwwm stories. Also includes preferences, imagines, and etc.
All at Once (Complete) by little_blue_lies
All at Once (Complete)by Taylor xx
"Him? You can't seriously send me off with this jerk! Aren't you putting me through enough torture?" ----- Sabine always had a perfect life, two loving parents...
A Case of Black and Blue by braycriss
A Case of Black and Blueby Criss
Twenty-year-old Cala Bonilla is an avid advocate for justice. If the law gives police officers the right to kill innocent men on their skin color alone, then Cala will j...
Don't Touch Her Act 2: Finding Peace by RosePetals017
Don't Touch Her Act 2: Finding RosePetals017
Clara's past has left her with scars that run deep, making her hesitant to trust anyone. When she finds herself caught in a love triangle between Maverick, a police offi...
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Dil ka Rishta by autophilewriter
Dil ka Rishtaby autophilewriter
A FF on the base of the show Ziddi Dil Maane Na
Montero by crumking
Monteroby Rashad Crum
Some call them rules, principles or truths that are unchanging, fixed and permanent. These rules cannot be altered or broken, but who says so? Montero
Officer Cavill by AsoticPander
Officer Cavillby AsoticPander
[Tim Bradford x female oc]---------------- One day Officer Sylvia Cavill was transferred to the LAPD Mid-Wilshire department where she saw an old friend Tim Bradford. Wi...
Love crazy   by oliver_starksbae
Love crazy by Eva
He falls in love with his sons teacher? but what if she fell first ? it was christophers first day at school in cali. a week later is a parent teacher conference and tha...
TejRan ~ ISHQ ya RISK by DeepikaSingh002
TejRan ~ ISHQ ya RISKby Deepika Singh
This story is about two people having different view towards life. Both are pole apart but they have one thing common which connect them together which will know in the...
False Hope by Cassidyclo
False Hopeby cassicloran
His lips traced from my neck to my ears, "I want," he whispered, "nevermind," he backed away from me, leaving me cold. "What do you want?"...
ZDMN FF by autophilewriter
ZDMN FFby autophilewriter
A fanfiction on ZDMN