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Sirens in Seattle by Forever_young325
Sirens in Seattleby B
When pre-med student Mia gets pulled over on her way to school, she doesn't think that the rude Officer Phoenix Adams is anything more than a factor of a bad day. She d...
His Forbidden Love by unicorns_and_beards
His Forbidden Loveby Sarahi De Leon
There's always that one story where the girl is always shy, clumsy and quiet but ends up getting the guy... Well not this time. Max Black, a junior in high school. She'...
💙Miss Officer and an Android 💙 Connor x Reader Detroit Become Human  by GoyoAMystery
💙Miss Officer and an Android 💙 Goyo
Traveling back to Detroit, the city and creation of a new life. Androids. ''Miss, we need you here as an assistant to help solve a huge case, with your old bud Lieutena...
21+ | OFFICER FF Oneshot | "Officer" by DeborahvanMeel
21+ | OFFICER FF Oneshot | " Love_Fanfictions✔
21+ | OFFICER FF Oneshot | "Officer" {English}
Bwwm Oneshots by Vanillaaa___
Bwwm Oneshotsby Tiara 😁
Bwwm stories. Also includes preferences, imagines, and etc.
Cuff Me, Officer. by KissTheKevin
Cuff Me, Ashley
23 year old Louis Tomlinson was a well-known cop in the city of London. He was recognized and respected by almost everyone. Criminals feared him. All criminals, except o...
~You Have The Right to Steal My heart~ by tushin102
~You Have The Right to Steal My Tushon
"Bruce, can you please unhook the hand cuffs off of me? Its hurting my wrists." I raised an eye brow at her, she was flashing her cheesy smile that gets me mel...
New Law by Lyss9761
New Lawby BelleÂme24
"You have been a naughty boy Cory," he smirked, slowly closing the distance between us. I nervously take a step back with each step he takes forward. "W-w...
Officer Prescott by paigexlr
Officer Prescottby paige
With all the new current events and tragedies happening world wide in schools, Newley Township Elementary School decides getting a School Officer is their best safety pr...
 "PERFECTLY IMPERFECT"  by softie_pearl
"PERFECTLY IMPERFECT" by ᶜᴿᴬᶻᵞ Sameera. 🤞
Prologue: "PERFECTLY IMPERFECT" This is a story of two people ............ both are very dedicated CBI officers and can do anything for their nation...
I'm Innocent, I swear! by gerri_lights
I'm Innocent, I swear!by gerri_lights
Babel was arrested and turns out she has quiet the rap sheet, but did she really commit all those crimes? is it true that she's young, beautiful, but deadly? Will the th...
Crime Of Seduction by VioletHersheyJenkin
Crime Of Seductionby Violet Jenkins
Annie has always been a trouble maker. But, once going to high school she joins the wrong crowd. Her parents think that it is just a phase. Once she turns 18, she runs a...
arrest me (lee hyunjae) by changmingling
arrest me (lee hyunjae)by 𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘦
Lee Hyunjae, an infamous robber who runs on the adrenaline of the police sirens behind him is being hunted down by the police. Nobody knows what he looks, acts, or is li...
Just For You {LeviHan} by Luna_Yakamoto
Just For You {LeviHan}by Luna_Yakamoto
Beckoned to come to a local orphanage, Officer Levi Ackerman meets not just his old home, but a woman who helps take care of the children there. Though she already is ta...
Stubborn Kavin by Fan_girl___
Stubborn Kavinby Fan_Girl
It's Basically a story about a very handsome, Charming CID Officer Kavin Khanna. A month back he was shot while chasing a criminal thus require a physical therapy for hi...
21 Jump Street (Tom Hanson) by CaptainAmerica_2000
21 Jump Street (Tom Hanson)by CaptainAmerica_2000
Dakota Williams works as an undercover cop, at 21 Jump Street, which is an undercover police unit composed of young looking officers that specialize in youth crime. Dako...
Love, War, and Force Protocol (Lesbian Story) by gabbysanerd
Love, War, and Force Protocol ( gabbysanerd
My name is Tara Jackson and I'm 25 years old. I am the Commander of a special forces squad in New York and my life is perfect. Until one thing happened and messed it all...
ROME & JULY Book II by curlytops0817
ROME & JULY Book IIby CurlyTops0817
They were each other's first love. Then one gave up, the other was left grieving. After five years, they met again. Now older and wiser. Will their memories be enough to...
You Are Under Arrest by IsiNyx
You Are Under Arrestby January
Jannah Maica Flores is an introvert who just wanted a peaceful life, but fate don't want her live with it because, except the fact that her step father is a governor, sh...
Before it's too late by Samotnabez
Before it's too lateby empty life
This version is a translation from the Polish language! Young policeman Bielski begins another beautiful day, but its ending is not so beautiful... Will it be possible t...