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Dara Peterson By HugACat Completed

Savannah Stone gets more than she bargains for when she literally falls onto an attractive cop.

Jace Carter Kingston - attractive, wealthy, and overconfident - wasn't expecting a loud, defiant girl to land clumsily on his foot, yet when she does he can't seem to get away from her. Suddenly, she's enveloped into his secrets, most of which aren't exactly legal.

As Savannah struggles to survive in a world which wants nothing more than to see her demise, she's at a loss at what to fight for. With her chance of survival diminishing and her trust for those slowly failing around her, the one person she thought she could turn to  seems to be fading away from her too. Savannah has only two options left - save herself or die trying.

  • arrogant
  • cop
  • danger
  • dominant
  • fear
  • guns
  • hot
  • humor
  • illegal
  • mystery
  • protective
  • violence
  • weapons
pacifyymee pacifyymee Apr 09
She’s a good friend, she’s not trying to be bitchy and have all his attention
Asmaa_Toom Asmaa_Toom Feb 15
I’m so confused😂😂 so is he like an ordinary cop or what?? Just super hot?
Country music is amazing. Definitely not the country/pop mix crap that most of the singers try to but can’t pull of. Old-fashioned is better
I live in Texas and have cows and crap but I would rather kill myself than listen to country music
This one guy asked a girl that in class and ALL the girls in the class got mad at him
charsstruggles charsstruggles Nov 05, 2017
Now he’s not being sassy he’s being an absolute asśhole and getting too peraona