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Living With A Police Officer *Completed*

Living With A Police Officer *Completed*

6.3M Reads 85.2K Votes 42 Part Story
Lauren By Tears_To_Roses Completed

Harmony Kingston has been through more in her  short life, then anyone good ever image going through. She's a homeless delinquent, always getting into trouble. When Harmony robs a drug story at the legal age of eighteen she finds herself behind bars, giving her plenty of free time to remember her past. 
Drew Edwards is a young police officer, fresh out of school. His life is nothing compared to Harmony's. He has a loving family, and people that care about him. But Drew's hiding something, keeping it from people who don't know about what happened the night of his engagement.
At Harmony's court session, the judge delcares that Harmony will be living with Drew. A delinquent and a police offcer? Doesn't sound very pleasant. Read Harmony and Drew's story as their secrets are reveal and sparks fly in Living with a police officer, book one in the series of Living With A.

wolkingdead wolkingdead Dec 28, 2016
Sorry again *you're
                              I hate to do this but it really annoyes me. But it's a good book though!
yo_itserinnnn yo_itserinnnn Dec 27, 2016
Why does this remain me of orange is the new black oh wait... maybe because they both revolve around a prison...
ReadingTillDawn_ ReadingTillDawn_ Nov 23, 2016
is she high 😂😂 she's expecting to find that kind of drugs in there??
Dammit stinko I'm not reaching for an Oscar I want some damn RESPEK
c_waters c_waters Jan 06
The same with me. 7 Years Apart is my first story in Wattpad but it surely isn't my first. I normally don't like other people read any of my stories either.