Sucka (Book 1) Sucka Series Editing

Sucka (Book 1) Sucka Series Editing

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Tyreanna By 2wiceMob Completed

We have a love hate relationship

We love to hate and hate to love

Physically we're miles apart

But mentally you're in my heart

The hardest part of moving on, is letting go of what I'm used to

And moving forward with something with something that I'm not

It's too late to apologize for the same mistake

That you keep making over and over again.

I can't go a day without talking to you

And a month without seeing you

There's not a second that goes by that I'm not thinking of you

When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you

When I met you, I was afraid to kiss you

When I kissed you, I was afraid of loving you

Now that I love you, I'm afraid of losing you

We have a love hate relationship

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dam_hic dam_hic Jul 14, 2017
Jus mean! U knw, there's many reasons to why ppl strip. And a lot of times, it's temporary. As they intended it to be, to get that quick money for wateva. I cnt wait to find out her story.
Moca957 Moca957 Dec 24, 2017
lol how is anybody disgusted with ANY that aug does? I wouldn't even want tongue action from aug just the anaconda
piffyPiffaton piffyPiffaton Dec 06, 2017
Well daaaamn 😳 but that aint stop you from paying for her to shake her “lose” ass on you huh buddy 🤔
Briona_1516_Love Briona_1516_Love Mar 30, 2017
Ho ho hold up please watch yo boy coming ease you Wouldn't believe I come in your dreams make you cum in your jeans
dam_hic dam_hic Jul 14, 2017
Wat u said was out of pocket! Aint nobody ask u for a dose of reality