Don't Forget About Me| August Alsina Story

Don't Forget About Me| August Alsina Story

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Maya Mo'nique McGinnis By MeMe_Alsina_ Updated 12 hours ago

My name, is Armani- meaning shy, unique, and for those I care about relentless. I'm from downtown Nawlins, yeah that one- the one that pussy ass Alsina boy from. Matter fact I knew the real him. I loved the real him! Him and Mel. Melly B was my bestfriend. They helped me and my little sister out of a bad situation, made us feel like family, took us into a loving home- something we never really had. But right when our happiness was finally falling into place, they left us, both of them left us. My happiness just up and left me. One promised me that when he came up and could afford the life he thought we deserved he would come back, but of course the good life took over his mind, the flashing lights blinded him to the lost souls that he'd left behind-so he never did return for us. 

In the end I realized I only have myself I gotta take care of myself I'm the only person who's going to watch after me and my Kali. She's all I got and I'm all she's got, so either way it go Imma take care of mines.

But all in all I will never forgive him. Ever! He took away my happiness. He took away my heart. He took away a part of my world, when I had already lost so much. But he promised me .... he promised he would come back for me, for us. But I guess in the end he didn't really care about me just like everybody else in the world. 

So I held on to my happiness named Kali and swore on my life I would protect her with everything in me, I would die for her just like Mel would have.

 And that's what I did for  years. I covered up my accent put my past behind me, well I tried to at least, and became a model too provide for me and my Kali 

That is until 'he' was right there in front of me, the one I begged to Don't Forget About Me

He-He was right fucking there


wutwazit wutwazit 5 days ago
Yesssssssssss that's how you stray a book bih Iam drawn in already
bxtchits-jarr bxtchits-jarr Oct 11, 2016
"Cause I'm just a real nigga comin' through" that's August favorite lil saying
savannahw1999 savannahw1999 Jul 24, 2016
Deep asf but very accurate we all have moments in life that make us happy but when the moment is gone so is the feeling of that happiness we thought we had happiness is to be happy for a long period of time unlike being happy which is a temporary feeling.
barrrspam barrrspam 17 hours ago
Y'all can't be lying tho some 10 year old be looking fine asf 😂😂😂😂