Queen of the Night (Book One of the Elementals)

Queen of the Night (Book One of the Elementals)

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Jessica Piro By xDRAG0N0VAx Completed

Ethea has long been plagued by a monster named Fangril, created to force the Elements to coexist. Only the Elementals can stop it, if their unity is unbreakable; none have. 
Chosen as the Moon, Zelenia sets off on her quest to find her twin, the Sun, and the rest of the Elementals, then together, they can eliminate Fangril. She knows that their journey will not be an easy one: one that will test them physically and mentally. With so many dangers and heartbreak lying ahead of them, Zelenia begins to understand why the past Elementals failed. 

Cover by: PhoenixWars

The Lunar Awards 4th place [Fantasy]
The Phoenix Wars Wordsmith (wave 1) [Fantasy/Sci-fi]
Little Sanguines Awards 3rd place [Fantasy]
Your Choice Awards Finalist [Fantasy]
The Mystical Awards 2.0 July 1st place [Fantasy]

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