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Katrine By RocketMason Completed

In the year of 3204, the people on Earth are at war with aliens from Mars, human-alike beings with supernatural powers. Over the last thousand years however, humans have evolved. Each human now possesses one of the four elements of nature: fire, water, air, earth - earning the name Elemental. To learn how to control the element, they go through training academies, to among other things find their elemental partner.

Here's where we meet Breeze, a Junior-Elemental controlling the element of air, still struggling with putting his right emotions when connecting to the element. Taunted by his older brother Rain, and his Elemental partner Ember, the insecurity within takes control of his element. That is until he meets the female and rebel-ish kind of Junior Elemental, Blaze.

- Best rank in Science Fiction: #70 (7/1-15)

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