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Walk by the Shadows by xDRAG0N0VAx
Walk by the Shadowsby Jessica Piro
Macayla wanted to die, only to wake up in the company of Brynjolf, a fellow thief. He recruits her to join Riften's Thieves Guild; even though they've had some trouble...
Flashback: tales from ages past by joyceholt
Flashback: tales from ages pastby Joyce Holt
Glimpses out of the misty reaches of the past: Celtic rebels, a footsore Norman squire, a Roman lost in a haunted forest, & many more tales.
The Marvels of Prairie Creek by PrairieCreek
The Marvels of Prairie Creekby Lynne Mickley
***WATTPAD FEATURED Nov 2017*** Penniless, hungry, and stranded at a truck stop just before Christmas, Jane Johnson has few options. So when rescue comes in the form...
A Rose Among Thorns by xDRAG0N0VAx
A Rose Among Thornsby Jessica Piro
To keep her family safe in the event of atomic annihilation, Briar Rose signs up to live out a possible nuclear fallout in Vault-Tec's Vault 111. But Vault-Tec takes adv...
The General's Legacy by StoryArchmage
The General's Legacyby Adrian G Hilder
Prince Cory's inheritance could kill him. A sword possessed by a spirit, a world of warriors and magic, and a war without end are now his... Garon, the legendary General...
Fluke by johnnedwill
Flukeby John Nedwill
Maria discovers a strange lump growing on her abdomen. A short tale of things beneath the skin.
SPIRITBORNE  |  Book 1 of the Spirits' War Trilogy [excerpt] by kv_wilson
SPIRITBORNE | Book 1 of the Spir...by Myth and Magic
The rift between man and beast is growing deeper. Skye's ancestors were brought to life by an ancient spirit under the light of a blood moon. Her father commands a legi...
The Hand You're Dealt by xDRAG0N0VAx
The Hand You're Dealtby Jessica Piro
He was cute, very cute. What's the harm in meeting him? A lot. When Lauren Binns decided to watch a street hustler perform with his cards, she didn't think anything of i...
Yoshiwara by johnnedwill
Yoshiwaraby John Nedwill
A collection of short stories - fleeting moments of gratification in floating worlds.
Call It Murder: A Group Novel by RCFletcher
Call It Murder: A Group Novelby RCFletcher
A group mystery novel by: R.C. Fletcher, Xanxa Raggatt, Hannah-Marie Kilpatrick, and A.N.A.. Ten guests are invited to a hotel for the vacation of a lifetime. What they...
ὄστρακα by johnnedwill
ὄστρακαby John Nedwill
Another collection of short pieces, random thoughts and things that occurred to me in the middle of the night.
Wolf Lake by SusanKSaltos
Wolf Lakeby Susan K. Saltos
Catherine has been given the opportunity of a lifetime. She is to be an intern at a wolf sanctuary! Before her internship begins, she goes on vacation to her best friend...
Where the River Runs Wild by KenWallin
Where the River Runs Wildby Ken Wallin
An at-risk youth learns there is much more to the concrete river channel that runs through his neighborhood than he ever imagined.
Miranda's Vacation by ElizabethARochel
Miranda's Vacationby Elizabeth A. Rochel
Miranda the absent-minded sleuth is taking a cruise to avoid anything related to solving mysteries, of any kind. But the forces just won't let her rest.
Beach Wedding of the Year by LjBunyipdoley
Beach Wedding of the Yearby Lindsey-Jane Doley
Whitney Wells is getting married to Ron Pond, a bloke she met on a Pacific Cruise just a few months ago. Whitney, called Whit by her friends and family, is agog with tee...
Blue Frontier: Anapos by AmiDiane
Blue Frontier: Anaposby Ami Diane
Humans have migrated to many underwater habitats sprawling the blue frontier. However, a war is brewing in the wild blue, where freedom is a commodity between the opposi...
Mountains of the Macaw by KenWallin
Mountains of the Macawby Ken Wallin
Following a journal left behind by his grandfather, Mitch Cassidy heads into the Venezuelan jungle in search of a legendary deposit of emeralds. What he finds instead se...
Flourishing in the Fifties by cdcraftee
Flourishing in the Fiftiesby Christine Larsen
A collection of tales of growing up in a working class suburb of South Australia in the 1950's. My Dad was the butcher, next door was the grocer. Milk and bread were del...
The Ghostwriter's Words by DouglasDebelakAuthor
The Ghostwriter's Wordsby Douglas Debelak Author
The Ghostwriter's Words is the fourth book in The Ghostwriter Series. Unlike the others, it does not continue the central narrative of The Word of God. It does however r...