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The Hand You're Dealt by xDRAG0N0VAx
The Hand You're Dealtby Jessica Piro
He was cute, very cute. What's the harm in meeting him? A lot. When Lauren Binns decided to watch a street hustler perform with his cards, she didn't think anything of i...
The General's Legacy by StoryArchmage
The General's Legacyby Adrian G Hilder
Prince Cory's inheritance could kill him. A sword possessed by a spirit, a world of warriors and magic, and a war without end are now his... Garon, the legendary General...
Fluke by johnnedwill
Flukeby John Nedwill
Maria discovers a strange lump growing on her abdomen. A short tale of things beneath the skin.
Gossamer by joyceholt
Gossamerby Joyce Holt
(cozy fantasy.) Her aging heart sputters, her life drawing near its end. Emily barely musters the strength to follow a trio of cats one evening, into an eerie light that...
Wander by xDRAG0N0VAx
Wanderby Jessica Piro
'Whither do you wander?' Rowan Reed is doing her job as a stuntwoman on a movie set when something goes wrong. Recovering, she finds herself in eerily familiar surroundi...
The Marvels of Prairie Creek by PrairieCreek
The Marvels of Prairie Creekby Lynne Mickley
***WATTPAD FEATURED Nov 2017*** Penniless, hungry, and stranded at a truck stop just before Christmas, Jane Johnson has few options. So when rescue comes in the form...
Lord of the Wars by xDRAG0N0VAx
Lord of the Warsby Jessica Piro
From the beginning of time, Light and Darkness have warred. The continuous struggle has been seen through wars in many forms-a quest to destroy a ring; the Jedi and the...
Dead Man's Tales: Poetry of the Caribbean by kv_wilson
Dead Man's Tales: Poetry of the Ca...by Myth and Magic
This is a collection of poetry and short stories inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean.
Queen of the Night (Book One of the Elementals) by xDRAG0N0VAx
Queen of the Night (Book One of th...by Jessica Piro
Ethea has long been plagued by a monster named Fangril, created to force the Elements to coexist. Only the Elementals can stop it, if their unity is unbreakable; none ha...
Birgitta the Nun by SL-Jones
Birgitta the Nunby S.L. Jones
Birgitta the nun, the grumpiest sister ever taking vows, is forever hiding in the Monastery. She wants nothing but to mind her own business - pleasantly seated in her fa...
The Ship Sank, but The Stories Remain by DebbAnn
The Ship Sank, but The Stories Rem...by DebbAnn
Every weekend the WriteOn (by Kindle) team challenged us to create a 500-word short story from a given prompt. This is a collection from my brief time there.
Rogue Time: A Group Novel by RCFletcher
Rogue Time: A Group Novelby RCFletcher
The world of Thraesh is on the brink of war. The two major countries, Albion and Hindustan, have despised each other for years, and war seems imminent. Lurking behind th...
Cupid's Shafts by johnnedwill
Cupid's Shaftsby John Nedwill
A tragedy of Nyssa the Bacchante and Aeschylus the satyr, written in the style of ancient Greece.
Father of the Flames (Book Five of the Elementals) *On Hold* by xDRAG0N0VAx
Father of the Flames (Book Five of...by Jessica Piro
Geryon's pissed. After two failed quests with the Elementals, it took a massive betrayal and almost losing the love of his life for Fire to speak with Geryon. And he has...
Blue Frontier: Anapos by AmiDiane
Blue Frontier: Anaposby Ami Diane
Humans have migrated to many underwater habitats sprawling the blue frontier. However, a war is brewing in the wild blue, where freedom is a commodity between the opposi...
Carrot Training at the DMV by DebbAnn
Carrot Training at the DMVby DebbAnn
Weekend Write-In for 29 December 2017 "carrot": In 500 words, tell what happens when a carrot is involved
Hidden Paths: Vampire Revenge by SusanKSaltos
Hidden Paths: Vampire Revengeby Susan K. Saltos
Tony, the vampire, is stunned to find his great grand-daughter at their door. George & Ray are ecstatic to have the Italian beauty in their home, but will it cause a rif...
FAKING ITby James Loughlin
The perfect job for a man with no emotions.
Come Home Little Girl by DebbAnn
Come Home Little Girlby DebbAnn
Weekend Write-In for 10 November 2017 "game": In 500 words, tell what happens when a game is played
Freedom's Shadow by DebbAnn
Freedom's Shadowby DebbAnn
This is not about the honest critiques that help us grow. Weekend Write-In for 4 May 2018 "color": In 500 words, tell what happens when the color changes