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Wander by xDRAG0N0VAx
Wanderby Jessica Piro
'Whither do you wander?' Rowan Reed is doing her job as a stuntwoman on a movie set when something goes wrong. Recovering, she finds herself in eerily familiar surroundi...
The Marvels of Prairie Creek by PrairieCreek
The Marvels of Prairie Creekby Lynne Mickley
***WATTPAD FEATURED Nov 2017*** Penniless, hungry, and stranded at a truck stop just before Christmas, Jane Johnson has few options. So when rescue comes in the form...
The Ghostwriter's Words by DouglasDebelakAuthor
The Ghostwriter's Wordsby Douglas Debelak Author
The Ghostwriter's Words is the fourth book in The Ghostwriter Series. Unlike the others, it does not continue the central narrative of The Word of God. It does however r...
SPIRITBORNE  |  Book 1 of the Spirits' War Trilogy [excerpt] by kv_wilson
SPIRITBORNE | Book 1 of the Spir...by K.V. Wilson
The rift between man and beast is growing deeper. Skye's ancestors were brought to life by an ancient spirit under the light of a blood moon. Her father commands a legi...
A Rose Among Thorns by xDRAG0N0VAx
A Rose Among Thornsby Jessica Piro
To keep her family safe in the event of atomic annihilation, Briar Rose signs up to live out a possible nuclear fallout in Vault-Tec's Vault 111. But Vault-Tec takes adv...
The Hand You're Dealt by xDRAG0N0VAx
The Hand You're Dealtby Jessica Piro
He was cute, very cute. What's the harm in meeting him? A lot. When Lauren Binns decided to watch a street hustler perform with his cards, she didn't think anything of i...
Hatchlings: fantasy and sci fi tales by joyceholt
Hatchlings: fantasy and sci fi tal...by Joyce Holt
A menagerie of flash fiction, hatched from ideas of many colors from here, there, and elsewhere: mostly fantasy but a sprinkling of sci-fi and contemporary.
GUARDIAN  |  Book 2 of the Spirits' War Trilogy [excerpt] by kv_wilson
GUARDIAN | Book 2 of the Spirits...by K.V. Wilson
You mess with one of the Three, you mess with them all. The Battle of the Ritual may be over, but the war against the Covenant has only just begun. Skye and her compan...
Hinder by xDRAG0N0VAx
Hinderby Jessica Piro
'Things unforeseen may hinder' Even though devastated by Boromir's death, Rowan Reed tries to focus on finishing the Quest of the Ring. Knowing The Lord of the Rings sto...
In 500 Words Or Less by johnnedwill
In 500 Words Or Lessby John Nedwill
'In 500 Words Or Less' is a collection of short stories, all of them 500 words or less, written for the WattPad WriteOn Writers Weekend WriteIn.
A random collection of quirky pieces and limericks that don't fit into any of my other stories, so I've given them a book of their own. They're a bit out of left field;...
Flashback: tales from ages past by joyceholt
Flashback: tales from ages pastby Joyce Holt
Glimpses out of the misty reaches of the past: Celtic rebels, a footsore Norman squire, a Roman lost in a haunted forest, & many more tales.
Dead Man's Tales: Poetry of the Caribbean by kv_wilson
Dead Man's Tales: Poetry of the Ca...by K.V. Wilson
This is a collection of poetry and short stories inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean.
Weekend Write-In Story Collection by ZonderZorg
Weekend Write-In Story Collectionby Michael Walsh
This is a collection of fifty-two of the short stories I've written for the Weekend Write-In challenges. Each story is exactly five hundred words long, except for two wh...
The Talebearer by cdcraftee
The Talebearerby Christine Larsen
There are those who tell stories, and those who are talebearers. There are those who are scribes, and write down the tales. When talents like these are combined, it's in...
Crowning Soul Book 1 ( Wattpad Version) by SahiraJ
Crowning Soul Book 1 ( Wattpad Ver...by Sahira Javaid
Nezha has a light from an angel's broken soul, a link to another world's pulse. Torn from her world she is forced by divine will to search for and mend the soul before...
Lord of the Wars by xDRAG0N0VAx
Lord of the Warsby Jessica Piro
From the beginning of time, Light and Darkness have warred. The continuous struggle has been seen through wars in many forms-a quest to destroy a ring; the Jedi and the...
The Ship Sank, but The Stories Remain by DebbAnn
The Ship Sank, but The Stories Rem...by DebbAnn
Every weekend the WriteOn (by Kindle) team challenged us to create a 500-word short story from a given prompt. This is a collection from my brief time there.
Queen of the Night (Book One of the Elementals) by xDRAG0N0VAx
Queen of the Night (Book One of th...by Jessica Piro
Ethea has long been plagued by a monster named Fangril, created to force the Elements to coexist. Only the Elementals can stop it, if their unity is unbreakable; none ha...