Rejected (boyxboy) *Completed*

Rejected (boyxboy) *Completed*

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:) By ChristinaOops Completed

To say Dmitri Devine had a easy life would be a lie. Rejected by the ones he thought where going to be there when he needed it, he changed and he changed for the better now he's back and better then ever, ready to face the ones who made him the way he was. Come along with Dmitri through the twists and turns he calls life and maybe just maybe in the end he can actually find his happy ever after?

Just saying, this isn't very good.

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You look like a Tiffany but you sound like a Nikki your name is now Clover
Megi_chi Megi_chi Oct 13
It didn't feel like a filler
                              IMHO it was a nice introduction to the story 💕
_LuvArts_ _LuvArts_ Oct 04
Damn, some are like "That's how I wanna shop!" and I'm like here saying "Ewwww, shopping!"
That's actually what I do when I'm alone, except I'm not rich and the popcorn he's eating is probably more expensive than my dinner today
ktbball03 ktbball03 Aug 15
Duuuude! The confidence is on point! Loooove iiitt! Idgaf if it's "cocky". Why can't people know theyre gorgeous? I love it when characters in books show that
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