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Rejected (boyxboy) *Completed*

Rejected (boyxboy) *Completed*

152K Reads 5.1K Votes 22 Part Story
:) By ChristinaOops Completed

To say Dmitri Devine had a easy life would be a lie. Rejected by the ones he thought where going to be there when he needed it, he changed and he changed for the better now he's back and better then ever, ready to face the ones who made him the way he was. Come along with Dmitri through the twists and turns he calls life and maybe just maybe in the end he can actually find his happy ever after?

Just saying, this isn't very good.

 © All Rights Reserved to author _Christina_IsABoss

AzzGem AzzGem Dec 17, 2016
My jeans are all either black, gray or dark blue. I only have one that's different, which is the colour of purple
AzzGem AzzGem Dec 17, 2016
Same, not the hot part cause I'm rubbish about me thinking he's hot. #GeneGameOnPoint
Wait was he already Rejected? And this is how he lives now? God in so confused 😓
arcenasgirl arcenasgirl Feb 09
Like me..... BigBang theory, PJO, Harry Potter, X-men, Avengers, Supernatural, Twilight and Vampire Diaries... Oh and Teen Wolf.
                              Popcorn, Soda, Pizza, Chips or even 3 types of coffee from Starbucks that is cold
AzzGem AzzGem Dec 17, 2016
For here on out, your name will forever be Tristana Fab'Ass!
Haru_767 Haru_767 Feb 16
He reminds me of my friend. She's an heiress of their company. They have planes, restaurants and other big businesses but she's only 17. She has to finish college though because Japanese are strict.