BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy)

BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy)

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NamedL By NamedL Updated Dec 06, 2016

"Ethan." Aiden pauses. "I want you." He softly bites my ear. "I want to kiss you more than you will ever know."

Trying to avoid the daily beatings of the school bully can be challenging. But what happens if the schools bully has a crush on you?

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REPTILIAN666 REPTILIAN666 6 days ago
Wait is the ship him and the best friend or him and the bully sos I'm confused lol
Idk my school is sometimes hilarious.
                              Today, one of my classmate's kept pulling his own pants down (he had shorts underneath tho). 
                              And another classmate slapped his ass. 
                              And that's pretty normal-
Elease101 Elease101 Jan 06
Oookk ummmm gym teacher your going to have to change this. Cause that's no way in hell I'm working with Him! Ok? Ok!
I can't even get out of bed in the morning boi are you iNSANE
I'm one of the rare kids that actually likes school not only for friends but to learn
Ramagapay Ramagapay Jan 09
It is considered and scientifically proven that is a fruit fruits have  seeds in it but vegetables don't so yeah