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Quiet Waters (Fem. Percy x Young Justice) (EDITING IN PROGRESS) by PokemonDestiny
Quiet Waters (Fem. Percy x Young J...by Marissa
Percy Jackson meets Young justice after the Giant War which I seriously have an issue but I like writing these so I'm not gonna complain too much anyway, you'll figure i...
To Care for a Little Bird by WhirlwindRB
To Care for a Little Birdby Whirlwind
*Cover created by: https://twitter.com/jayceart I've seen this story plot a couple of times and wanted to put my own take on it, hope you all enjoy! The team are tasked...
The Demigod and The Robin by Rshores
The Demigod and The Robinby Rshores
9 years ago, was the time Jason last saw Percy and her mother. The day he was taken from his family. Jason always wondered what happened to his sister until one day 9 ye...
Below the Tide by acrazedwriter
Below the Tideby Ms. Bookworm
This fanfic was requested by @JudgingTheNerdHaters Persephone 'Percy' Jackson knew that war came with consequences, but she couldn't imagine this happening. All of her f...
Teacher, Not Hero (femPercy Jackson X YJ) by hppjmxrgosg
Teacher, Not Hero (femPercy Jackso...by hppjmxrgosg
Percy Jackson was tired of the hero gig. It was bloody and messy and had only ever left her bodies to count and memories she wished she could forget. After being impriso...
Orca (Fem Percy Jackson Young Justice crossover) by GrandmamaEster
Orca (Fem Percy Jackson Young Just...by Grandma Ester
Inspired by DemigodTimelord23's story Powerful Beginnings I own nothing Slow updates A new hero has been spotted around various cities, protecting people when the city's...
Traumatized  by AhsokaTanoJedi
Traumatized by AhsokaTanoJedi
Failsafe, a seemingly harmless training exercise. That is, till Miss Martin's subconscious accidentally took control of it. Turning it into a traumatic experience, one t...
Below the Tide (Fem!Percy x YJ) (REWRITE) by acrazedwriter
Below the Tide (Fem!Percy x YJ) (R...by Ms. Bookworm
(REWRITE) After a war filled with terror and blood Persephone 'Percy' Jackson was tired. Tired of fighting war after war, battle after battle, quest after quest. Of cour...
From Camp Half-Blood to Gotham (Nico x Batfam) by _CUTE_AS_2DUCKS_
From Camp Half-Blood to Gotham (Ni...by cute.as.ducks
**All characters belong to the writers of DC and Rick Riordan.** Nico is careless, he's always known that. But he never expected himself to wind up in the LITERAL worst...
Young Justice One Shots by Candyfloss66
Young Justice One Shotsby 🍭Sugar & Spice & Everything...
Welcome fellow fangirls/fanboys, to a book filled with wonderful short stories about the amazing male cast of the Young Justice TV series and of course, you! This book w...
Healer (Fem. Percy x Young Justice) by PokemonDestiny
Healer (Fem. Percy x Young Justice)by Marissa
Sometimes people can't help being heroes and Percy is one of those people. After a life of adventures and quests, Percy thought she'd want to do normal things. But afte...
Nightcrawler by LemillionALT
Nightcrawlerby Lem
Kai Ackermann also known as Nightcrawler was the prodigy of Black Canary. When she tells him about a Team of sidekicks going on missions together. Will he join the team...
The Sea and the Sun by Dam_Im_whelmed
The Sea and the Sunby Dam_Im_whelmed
Percy and Roy are dating. Set after the giant war. Roy is a son of Apollo.
My Family? by _MyThings_
My Family?by _MyThings_
Percy Jackson and ...........the Batfam? Read to know more.
BatBoys x Male reader by ChrissieJvRensburg
BatBoys x Male readerby Chrissie Janse van Rensburg
Ok so this is ganna be a story of male reader and any of the batboys, that includes Batsy himself. Quick warning: chapters are going to go up inbetween so of the existi...
Young Demigod (Editing) by HeroicLibrarian
Young Demigod (Editing)by Libi
It is never a dull moment with the Justice League. After a surprising event changes Wonder Woman into a child, the leaguers realize just how little they know about their...
Flash Flood by Wisegirl38
Flash Floodby Wisegirl38
Percy x Wally gay ship I love comments, and tips or ideas for the story If you don't like it don't read it, and I know its name t original but for me, i don't see many o...
Pink in The Night ⋆ Young Justice. by keupid
Pink in The Night ⋆ Young Justice.by ✷
i hear my heart breaking tonight, do you hear it too? ━━━━━━ dc's young justice wally west x fem!oc © keupid cover made by @bayports
ASTRAPHOBIA ⚡︎ W. West by AriYouGood
ASTRAPHOBIA ⚡︎ W. Westby AriYouGood
IN WHICH: - ASTRA was born to be a hero and it won't take much convincing for the justice league to look past her playful remarks to realize that. ↳ O...
Alone by AhsokaTanoJedi
Aloneby AhsokaTanoJedi
Nightwing has been abandoned, first by his mentor, Bruce, then by Wally, his best friend, then by his second family, and now by everyone else. They blame him for what ha...