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Fem. Percy Meets Young Justice Ultimate Collab by PokemonDestiny
Fem. Percy Meets Young Justice Marissa
It's kinda what it sounds like and I'm not gonna be able to say much in here cause I have no idea how this is gonna go also comments are super duper very much welcome he...
Somebody That I Used To Know | TzuKook by -desourire-
Somebody That I Used To Know | de sourire
Collaborating with someone you once had a crush on. What could possibly go wrong? 。。。。。 a bangtwice (featuring txtzy) fanfiction ; epistolary and narration VI-XXVI-MMXX...
A Beautiful Beginning  by snailly_snail
A Beautiful Beginning by snailly_snail
Ron looks okay, but Draco looks better. It's after the battle of Hogwarts and Harry Potter keeps looking for a certain, and I quote, "...pale, white-blonde, beautam...
Our Wilderness • Tom Holland  by awk456
Our Wilderness • Tom Holland by Awkwardness14
a girl and a boy from two different and rivaling societies, meet each other in the woods dividing the two sides. there, they get to know each other, understand each othe...
Anna  by sheisasunflowerx
Anna by Sunflower 🌻
H.s fanfic Molly-mae Browne is just a small irish girl from a tiny town who's dream came through but could this be what she was truly waiting for her whole life ? &qu...
Heartthrobs ||Lams|| by BabyRoseQuartz
Heartthrobs ||Lams||by BabyRoseQuartz
*collab with AesthetiCris* Every school has their own cliches.. well except Aaron Burr he alternates. John Laurens, the rebels "leader". The boy your paren...
Seducing Kenneth Montenegro ( Seduction Series #6 ) by PINK_LEEN
Seducing Kenneth Montenegro ( ARCHITECT
SEDUCTION SERIES #1: Seducing the Mafia Boss by @Galurxy SEDUCTION SERIES #2: Sedung the heir of wolter's clan by @Mizethiaaa SEDUCTION SERIES #3: Seducing the Target by...
Book of One-shots! (Collab with GilbertPerales) by TheFoolAngel
Book of One-shots! (Collab with Mᴀκoтo Yuκι
Just a book of oneshots. Depends if I have time or not.
42 (Completed) by Arryouis
42 (Completed)by Arryouis
Collaboration with Zinkalay
FANTASY WORLD || twitterserye || collaboration by maich_ard24
FANTASY WORLD || twitterserye || 𝒎𝒂𝒊𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒅𝒕𝒊𝒛𝒆𝒅 ~
This is a collaboration between @maichardtized (me) and @AlDub×Gilden on Twitter. we decided to collab to help each other and create a team :) I will be in charge in u...
Still Into You  by casey_prettyuuUe
Still Into You by Casey_PrettyuuUe
" I'm still into you, Mr. Melisande.."
𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐢𝐬; kny by maidboys
𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐢𝐬; knyby blind asf istg
❝why'd you say he looked like shit?!❞ ❝it's cause he does-!❞ ⌊✂⌉ ❝nice ass❞ y/n and hawks are pro-hero's who are thrown into demon slayer after meeting a villian. he tal...
A Certain Scientific Code Vader by Zzz-Awakening
A Certain Scientific Code Vaderby Z-King
A Collaboration series to Viperslim90's Swordwander fanfic. As well as a fanfic of To Aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index) Academy City. A city that has a gene...
[OFFICIAL] Spyro IV: Galaxy Collapse by RazerBlazerXD
[OFFICIAL] Spyro IV: Galaxy Razer
After their dark descent, Spyro, Cynder and their young children are being unwillingly plunged into a world of disarray. A desperate call for help is sent out, and all s...
Loremonger Essentials | Monthly Magazine by mathieu-nsn
Loremonger Essentials | Monthly M. Nisanu
A monthly magazine by the community and for the community of Wattpad+, a Discord server dedicated to promote your stories and fanfics! From book reviews, artwork, monthl...
Wasted Talent // Modern Moomin AU by boscothecat
Wasted Talent // Modern Moomin AUby BOSCO | ボスコ | 蘑菇
Snufkin let out a sigh, for the millionth time in his life, and didn't even have time to finish his coffee before he headed out of the house, for another cruel day of he...
S T A L K E R  || TaeKook || [ H I A T U S ] by JeonTaeWen
S T A L K E R || TaeKook || [ H 전태원
သိပ်ချစ်တယ်...ချစ်လွန်းလို့ ရူးနေပြီသိရဲ့လား... သိပ္ခ်စ္တယ္...ခ်စ္လြန္းလို႔ ႐ူးေနၿပီသိရဲ႕လား...
Warrior Cat Oneshots(ON HOLD) by Goldenstorm101
Warrior Cat Oneshots(ON HOLD)by Unactive
THIS BOOK IS ON HOLD FOR NOW Hello there! Looking for a place to be shipped with your favorite warriors, get to know Oc's, and read about adventurous warriors? Well you'...
A Crow's Call by RenegadeRen
A Crow's Callby Ren Shimizu
In this world of quirks, Izuku Midoriya is a witch. Not because of his quirk, it's a power passed down in his family for generations. In this world, 99% of the populatio...
Theme #1: Nostalgia by Starving_Writers
Theme #1: Nostalgiaby Starving_Writers
Random oneshots made my different authors.