Young justice Hellspawn by Carnageking
Young justice Hellspawnby venom
This starts off at season one of young justice. Lately in the news theirs someone or something has been destroying the gangs of New York mainly any gang members in the a...
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  • hellspawn
  • artemis
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The Descendant by Hephaestia
The Descendantby Hephaestia
It's hard enough to be a high school freshman. It's harder when you come from a famous family. It's hardest when you're just average in a family where everybody is excep...
  • dc
  • lysippewayne
  • teenfiction
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Wonder Woman x Sibling Reader: Courage (Book 1) by batmanwife13
Wonder Woman x Sibling Reader: batmanwife13
I was encouraged to write this book after seeing Wonder Woman in theatres. What if the tides were turned? What if it took more than just luck to save the world? What if...
  • wonderwoman
  • women
  • pride
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Ares: The War God by AV_Hart
Ares: The War Godby AV_Hart
More deaths, more blood. Then the call came. The soft plea from one of his own. “My Lord... Help us. Please.” He rose slowly from his throne, sword in hand. It was time...
  • olympian
  • fantasy
  • blood
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The Beetle and The Dragon by lamorenaorgullosa
The Beetle and The Dragonby La Bruja Morena
"Daughter of Death, I see your dreams of glory." "Molon Labe" (come and take them) The Amazon in this story never had anyone to honor, no legacy to p...
  • afrolatina
  • wattys2018
  • crossover
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WONDER WOMAN • Steve Rogers by aestheticpale
WONDER WOMAN • Steve Rogersby 👼🏻
"When I came out of the ice, I thought everyone I loved was gone, I found out she was alive... I was lucky enough to have her." Wonder Woman X Captain America
  • captainamerica
  • justiceleague
  • superman
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Wondergirl by supernurse94
Wondergirlby supernurse94
After being hidden away from the world of man for years, learning the way of the Amazons of Themyscira, it's time to join the world out there. With the help of the Girl...
  • friends
  • supergirl
  • dccomics
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Diana: The Wonder Woman  by VaneTerrain
Diana: The Wonder Woman by Arthur Vane
Diana, princess and heir to the throne of the Amazons has lived a secluded life, training as a ruthless warrior on an island of tranquility. The Amazons, a race of fema...
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  • galgadot
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The Amazons by e_em_m123
The Amazonsby e_em_m123
She crouched down in the undergrowth, like a cat, her eyes focused on her target, her hand placed on her dagger. She set down her spear soundlessly next to her, and prep...
  • amazons
  • fighting
  • women
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Penthesilea's Wish [Vol.1] by Califia
Penthesilea's Wish [Vol.1]by Califia Montalvo
This is the saga of Penthesilea--Queen of the Amazons. What secret pact did she make so many thousand years ago for women which only now is coming true? This new novel f...
  • ya
  • horses
  • queens
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Wonder Woman: The Heiress by Bukley
Wonder Woman: The Heiressby Bukley
When Colonel Steve Trevor crash-lands into the mythical island of Themyscira, he meets its princess, Diana, who is embroiled in a hostile civil conflict instigated by th...
  • comics
  • mythology
  • superheroes
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Chance Encounters by swiftkitty
Chance Encountersby swiftkitty
Looking back on everything, I can't help but realize that if I had the chance to keep the time when everything felt so terrible that I opted to not feel from happening...
  • bella
  • gp
  • vampire
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The Carbonell Siblings by ICantPickAFavFandom
The Carbonell Siblingsby ihavenoselfcontrol
Okay, so this description is going to sound a little odd at first, so please skip this and go to the first chapter to read the full summary. I would have posted the whol...
  • avengers
  • butnoteamcapbashing
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Deținătoarea Focului Etern //pauză// by un_Cartof
Deținătoarea Focului Etern //pauză Awesome Apollo
"Când sunt în pădure, uit de tot. Când alerg, când sar, când lupt și supraviețuiesc, nu mai e nimic în jur. Toate grijile și temerile se evaporă de parcă nici n-ar...
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Eurydite (Book One of the Unknown Series) by Eponastory
Eurydite (Book One of the Emily Whitehurst
There have been many stories across eons that are well known, but one such as this was unknown for the longest time. Eurydite was just a girl who respected the Gods, eve...
  • amazons
  • mythology
  • demigods
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Spells Utopia by OtakuQueen95
Spells Utopiaby Rachel
Every Utopia has its secrets.
  • adventure
  • originalstory
  • romance
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Leo and the Amazons by fandonstuff
Leo and the Amazonsby Storymaker_1810
IM SO SO SORRY I CANT STOP MAKING STORIES WUT IS WRUNG WITH MEH!!! So leo is trying to get something to CHB and ends up falling in the ocean and come across the amazons...
  • amazons
  • hoo
  • leovaldez
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The Moon Bow by MarjorieDeLuca
The Moon Bowby M.M DeLuca
Myrine lives in a world without men, founded by a group of female professors from UCLA, who fled the mainland after The Great Tremor and its resulting wars and chaos. Ti...
  • warriors
  • amazons
  • dystopia
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She's Wonderful - A Wonder Woman Story by LAC1940
She's Wonderful - A Wonder Woman Lindsay
When she left Themiscyra to help Steve Trevor end the war, Diana left someone very special behind... That's all I'm going to say! ;) I do not own Wonder Woman!
  • stevetrevor
  • greekmythology
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