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Two Sides of the Same Coin | Young Justice by alexaveil
Two Sides of the Same Coin | Young...by ー 𝐀.
If you lived in Gotham long enough you knew exactly who she was. People feared her. Criminals praised her. Heroes wanted to stop her. Key word, "wanted." But y...
Born together, die apart (young justice) by Hikari_Takeru
Born together, die apart (young ju...by Hikari_Takeru
Not only do Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Robin find Superboy in CADMUS but a certain set of twins. Read to find out more. Book 2 is out now.
Nobody Said It Was Easy by Iamareadingaddict818
Nobody Said It Was Easyby Maggie Brosnahan
Persephone (Percy) Jackson likes to think that if she had known what was coming when she had boarded that warship on her way to Greece to save the world than she would h...
A Dragon's Love (Young Justice) by wolfangel3
A Dragon's Love (Young Justice)by wolfangel3
Esmeralda's had a pretty interesting life. After having been banished from her home realm, she is found by Dr. Fate, and the League, and is taken to live in the Tower of...
Sub Rosa (YJ/PJO) by Emily_Tams
Sub Rosa (YJ/PJO)by Procrastinating Everything
!Their relationship was kept sub rosa! all characters belong to DC and Rick Riordan
Young Justice One Shots by 13-juuzou-07
Young Justice One Shotsby 13-juuzou-07
Hey Guys! So this is a Young Justice one shot book. It also features the bat boys and other members of the DC universe. I'm open to requests! It can be a fluff or a lemo...
Riptide by BTSgirl-Artemisia
Riptideby BTSgirl
Her past was something she could never bring herself to talk about, in fact, she can't even think about it. The trip to the deepest part of the underworld changed her fo...
The mission that Kaldur laughed by CloeTheTealSnake
The mission that Kaldur laughedby Ghost
When Kaldur and his Atlantean friends break into a fit of laughter in the middle of a mission briefing, the team wonders what could make the calmest team member so hyste...
A Slow Process by night_fallz
A Slow Processby jaccy
Percy wanted to believe that the fates have finally gotten bored of her. However, she was quickly proven wrong when her life only continued to get worse. Overwhelmed wit...
Secret  by multishipperyjttfan
Secret by multishipperyjttfan
Artemis has a brother and he's very protective so what will he do when he finds out about the boy that likes her? Takes place in Season 1 Got the Idea from nightgirl123...
Aqualad (Young Justice) x reader | Princess of Vlatava by thorins_queen
Aqualad (Young Justice) x reader |...by Queen Under the Mountain
When you join the Team, you and Kaldur become close, but he still doesn't know you're biggest secret
Wonders of the Sea (Young Justice & Percy Jackson Crossover) by Jou_Lee
Wonders of the Sea (Young Justice...by Aleexhia Kiero Leighra Axhira...
"I never wanted this...Actually, I did but that's not the point. Ever since I joined, I never regretted anything. But once I reach that point, there's no going back...
Young Justice Oneshots by mashtonna
Young Justice Oneshotsby TheNewestBatWoman
I hope you enjoy them. I will take some requests. Updates will probably be slow once school starts back up. I will not do smut or anything to lemony. I will do a little...
Lotus: The Waterbender Far Away From Home by DayBreakTillDusk
Lotus: The Waterbender Far Away Fr...by Dawn
Ura, a waterbending master of the Southern Water Tribe and one of the best healers in the world. During the fight with Unalaq/Vaatu, she was pushed into a Spirit portal...
Fem!Percy and Kaldur  by MillionAnd1Fandoms
Fem!Percy and Kaldur by Anxious_Fangirl
This is shit. It's just going to be a few different oneshots. Some of them getting together, some of them reactions to when the other one dies, some of them being meetin...
Below the Tide (Fem!Percy x YJ) (REWRITE) by acrazedwriter
Below the Tide (Fem!Percy x YJ) (R...by Ms. Bookworm
(REWRITE) After a war filled with terror and blood Persephone 'Percy' Jackson was tired. Tired of fighting war after war, battle after battle, quest after quest. Of cour...
Young Justice X Reader (One Shots) by all_things_dean
Young Justice X Reader (One Shots)by 𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓷
Just some one shots of favorite Young Justice characters (on hold)
-Ghost King- by Aera_Yoo
-Ghost King-by Aera_Yoo
Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades and the King of Ghosts with many other titles. The person who's known to have more secrets than anybody else in both camps found out his...
Star of the Cosmos by Relatable_ruler
Star of the Cosmosby Relatable_ruler
Captain Atom, a renowned member of Earth's Justice League. Has followed the example of some of his league mates, taking on a protege of his own. Claire Bowen, now known...
Young Justice One Shots / Imagines by Roseedia
Young Justice One Shots / Imaginesby r o s e
It's all in the title, baby. - NOT currently opened for requests! UNDERGOING HEAVY EDITING. Feel free to pick out any grammatical errors. -