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Reformed Student by SweetCaramelz
Reformed Studentby SweetCaramelz
There is a new student in class, and he's from the new reform program. Poland never trusted Germany, but this guy seemed to be different. He didn't have the usual evil...
high school life (GerPol)  by NoahBochat
high school life (GerPol) by Noah
in this sory it will start off with polska and his childhood so you get a rough idea of what he is going through and what happened. so bassically there is violence in h...
Everything At Once by Esia_writes
Everything At Onceby Esia
This is my first story and first sharing my work with anyone, so please be understanding. :3 Also sorry for all the possible mistakes, I'm not a native. -> Main ships...
School of Secrets {Countryhumans School AU} by An0nymousUser
School of Secrets {Countryhumans An0n
Cover art by @AnAttractiveTrashCan The castles of Pangaea, an ancient abode of mystery which had recently been repurposed as an academy of sorts to train young nations i...
unFRIENDLY RIVALRY: countryhumans by Butterscotch-Shibe
unFRIENDLY RIVALRY: countryhumansby Butterscotch-Shibe
Poland is a country with an unpleasant history and many conflicts. Now with the fall of communism, he has managed to pull through the difficult times and move on from th...
Saved in the forest [Germany  x Poland] by Cocojambo27
Saved in the forest [Germany x Cocojambo27
Poland is a person who doesnt trust others, he is living on his own, one day something terrible happens, and he need to find a new safe place. Then someone helps him, bo...
By your side. ( GerPol )  by earth_dayissupported
By your side. ( GerPol ) by zyx 💫
There wasn't much stories of these 2 so I decided to create my own. Germany - Dom Poland - Sub Included Genres - Fluff - Angst - Romance - Smut ( ? ) - Swearing / Cuss...
1945 (Countryhumans, has Gerpol) by OkieDokie10101
1945 (Countryhumans, has Gerpol)by Ambery
TW: gore, fluff, bullying, abuse, swears, angst !!!!! Might have a bit of sus but no smut ‼️‼️my first ever story, extreme cringe so you can skip to the sequel if you wa...
The upper hand [GerPol] by NoahBochat
The upper hand [GerPol]by Noah
this story will be about GerPol. Germany is top and Poland is bottom. just to make sure english is not my first language so please don't judge my spelling. this might h...
Complex by Leaf-kid
Complexby desert-leaf
eyy germany and poland qwq my children
"I'll Fix your Broken Heart" rusame (Disconnected) by WinterBlah
"I'll Fix your Broken Heart" Alex
(sorry for bad cover and story) America is abused by Britain after France left when he was only three Canada, Australia and New Zealand didn't have it too well either, B...
Countryhumans One-Shots ((DISCONTINUED)) by HickleandSammer
Countryhumans One-Shots (( !
Hello! I have been seeing these lately and decided to give it a try! Hope you enjoy! (Art not mine, all credit goes to the artist @ _purple_cotton_ultrafiolet_ on instag...
Pretender by LynClaireR8
Pretenderby Lyn Claire R
Poland is forced to get married to one of the son of the German family. Because she had no other choice but to obey her mother well then she agreed... Heh it's cringe so...
Black Roses (Countryhumans) by C0PYCAT68
Black Roses (Countryhumans)by Copy
Working too hard, all day, can make you very stressful. Once Germany is annoyed to a point, he snaps. Everyone begins to worry, and more and more fall victim to his wrat...
Treppenhaus by budruhw
Treppenhausby budruhw
After a messy break up neither Poland nor Germany have spoken in weeks. Germany is sure he hates him and doesn't want to see him again. Until, that is, a drunk Poland ca...
Changed//Rusame//Countyhumans Au by Konfettii_0
Changed//Rusame//Countyhumans Auby Bucket
America is a 15 year old thats friendly, full of himself and extrovert with many friends but then America's parents had gotten a divorce and his three brothers stayed wi...
Countryhumans || Smut Oneshots || Requests Open by SlideySoap
Countryhumans || Smut Oneshots || Cha
oh jeez i'm actually doing this if any of you know me in real life you say nothing about this anyways REQUESTS ARE OPEN
Countryhumans Oneshots (Requests-Temporarily Closed) by Wyvern-The-Lost
Countryhumans Oneshots ( Wyvern-The-Lost
(I will open requests again eventually, just needed some time) Why make up my own ideas when you guys are way more creative then me? They'll be a chapter on what I will...
Light of Mine (RusAme) by Amaura1406
Light of Mine (RusAme)by Amaura
"Good is such a strange word, don't you think? You think that you're good and I think that I'm good, but we both think that each other is evil." The person hud...
America's Secrets by WorldsSmallestHuman
America's Secretsby SmallHuman
America is a liar, half the things he's told any country are most likely a lie, America's children are secrets and no one knows of them, but what happens when Russia is...