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The Emperor Of The Sirens (Non-canon) (New Book) by NovisScriptor
The Emperor Of The Sirens ( NovisScriptor
Azur Lanes war is on the verge of starting, but the sirens have a new ace up their sleeves. Emperor, an Arbiter class siren helps to begin, and end the war.
A Mercenary Carrier's Waltz by Type_10_Hitomaru
A Mercenary Carrier's Waltzby Type-10 Hitomaru
A Carrier once a home of a Mercenary group simply known as "Ignis Corps" paid by an unknown benefactor, they are too fight over an island against the Federatio...
Stray Ship From Another world by matthew98bil
Stray Ship From Another worldby matthew98bil
this is the story of an alternative world where Enterprise and Takao lost everything sisters, comrades, and the world.. because of that, they have one thing in their mi...
Azur Lane Titanic: Queen of the Ocean by almil53
Azur Lane Titanic: Queen of the Almil53
War, War never changes. It's exactly the same. No matter which era it happens upon. This is a story of a girl. A girl with dark times. One who's life, is about to change...
The Neutral New Faction - Azur Lane Story  by Annotation3567a
The Neutral New Faction - Azur BVP2023
What if their was a another faction in azur lane?. And what if said power has Modern Tech like Missiles and CIWS equipped in their ships. Well. Now their is. Meet the U...
The next Bismarck (Azur Lane X male reader) by UnknowingFire
The next Bismarck (Azur Lane X UnknowingFire
Y/N L/N, made from the all mighty and greatest ship to have ever sailed, Bismarck which sunk a long time ago in World War 2. With the best guns and rockets strapped ont...
a ship full of design by MFadliAssidiq
a ship full of designby frost_nova
a ship named frost nova who is a nuclear powered guided missiles super battleship in 2027 and turned to a nuclear powered helicopter carrying super battleship in 2034 du...
The Crimson Red Yandere Fox | Azur Lane Akagi X Male Commander Reader by SantrielVonBismarck
The Crimson Red Yandere Fox | ✠Santriel Von Bismarck Birken...
Another X male reader about YOU a young man with an obsession for ships.
The Engineer by Reptile54
The Engineerby Reptile54
A former engineer of the Her Majesty's Royal Navy is asked to return to save the Battlecruiser Amagi from being scrapped, and afterward becomes Chief Engineer of Azur La...
Shattered Reflections (Azurlane fanfic) by ShizuoMurasaki
Shattered Reflections (Azurlane Shizuo Murasaki
Y/n was your ordinary girl until she was taken away and subjected to multiple experiments. One of the experiments accidentally turns her into kitsune. Since then the exp...
Traitors! (RWBY x Betrayed Fem! Reader x Azur Lane) by Graf__Spee
Traitors! (RWBY x Betrayed Fem! Silica
Y/n is a huntress in training. She was just as powerful as Pyrrha, except one thing stops her from hurting people. Is if they are her friends. One day on a mission, she...
Azur Lane: The Other Worlder Fleet by FWZ2404
Azur Lane: The Other Worlder Fleetby FWZ 2404
Three people, friends with each other, died. They, later on, woke up as a Shipgirl. They have made a terrible mistake to resulting in the Azur Lane faction becoming thei...
To a different world (Azur Lane x Male reader) by Remnos
To a different world (Azur Lane Remco Bontekoe
When y/n thought 2020 couldn't get any worse, something happened out of this world. Will he survive it, or will he perish by the hands of the enemy? All rights go to the...
The First male (Azur Lane x male reader) by DarrickDerleth8
The First male (Azur Lane x male Darrick Derleth
I don't own any character from the show.
Book 1: I'm A God & My Daughters Are Waging War? (OC x Azur Lane) by QuangTrngL5
Book 1: I'm A God & My Daughters Quang Trường Lê
First time writing a story. Feel free to give advice & comment Please leave a vote as you read A god descend to Azur Lane, and he is not pleased of the Sirens' actions F...
Azur Lane reacts to Movies, Videos, and MANY more by Ninsor
Azur Lane reacts to Movies, IJN Enishi
The Kansens (shipgirls) from all factions/nations are transported into a theater, where they will watch possible futures, funny videos, alternate histories (films), doc...
Azur Lane:The 3rd Nagato Class by shadowgamer254
Azur Lane:The 3rd Nagato Classby Shadowgamer
The world is at war,the race known as the sirens have come from the unknown and have destroyed cities and killed many people,to counter such a threat,humanity created Az...
Rogue-Repair-Ship by zero252
Rogue-Repair-Shipby Zero
IJN Kohaku is the brother of IJN Akashi, the scam cat. He is one of the best repair ships on the ocean, but one day he leaves the Sakura Empire and becomes distant from...
The Best Teacher (Azur Lane x Male Reader) by AlanBall22
The Best Teacher (Azur Lane x AlanBall22
In this world, shipgirls were created to keep humanity safe from threats from another world. The sirens. But when humanity was safe, the different factions formed two se...