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Red Room by adrisparkelz
Red Roomby ilike2writesumtimes
You're a red room assassin, found by the Avengers. They knew your back story, your past missions, everything. You eventually find yourself attaching to another broken pa...
Home by BarnesandRogersfics
Homeby BarnesandRogersfics
Fresh out of a divorce, Y/N moves to Sun Valley for a fresh start, a house left to her by her aunt and a new job as a nanny. James 'Bucky' Barnes owns a law firm and has...
27 Dresses by BeccaAnne814
27 Dressesby BeccaAnne814
You are the epitome of "always a bridesmaid, never a bride." You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can't see what's right in front of you. Buck...
Protect My Heart (Bodyguard AU) by propertyofpoendbucky
Protect My Heart (Bodyguard AU)by propertyofpoendbucky
You're an actress and after an assassination attempt on your life, your manager hires a bodyguard that will be with you 24/7.
Stray (Steve Rogers XReader XBucky Barnes) by BrynnBarnes
Stray (Steve Rogers XReader XBucky...by BrynnBarnes
When Steve brings home a stray he could not have forseen how the reader would change not only his life but that of his best friend.
Right Person, Wrong Number (Wrong Number AU) by propertyofpoendbucky
Right Person, Wrong Number (Wrong...by propertyofpoendbucky
Summary: After a break up with the love of your life, you move to New York City to pursue your dream of photography. There, you end up getting a text from an unknown num...
I guess it's just me and you by amazingpottah
I guess it's just me and youby ♡ Nikita ♡
/this is post caws and before cacw, all the avengers live together in the tower/ Bucky is new to the tower, and you want to make him feel welcome, which quickly grows in...
Breaking the Rules by redgillan
Breaking the Rulesby redgillan
Modern!AU You hate James Barnes with a burning passion and the feeling is entirely mutual. Just when you think things can't get any worse, you are tricked into attending...
I Missed You (Bucky x Reader) by hollandersstans
I Missed You (Bucky x Reader)by adri ‎✪
You're a 25-year-old girl living in Brooklyn along with your childhood best friends Steve and Bucky, and you're working at the SSR with your cousin Peggy Carter. However...
a new life || (bucky x reader) by musicalmelody3009
a new life || (bucky x reader)by Hey!
you thought all hope was lost. you thought no one would ever care about you, no one would ever love you. until he found you... (lowercase intended) (bucky x fem!reader) ...
Bidding on Bucky by BeccaAnne814
Bidding on Buckyby BeccaAnne814
Winning the Lottery is a dream shared by most people, but your idea of how to spend the money is quite different than everyone else. What happens when you put it all on...
Human |B.Barnes x Reader|  by BBuchananBarnes
Human |B.Barnes x Reader| by Thighs of Betrayal
REWRITEN You are human, I can feel your heart beating beneath my fingers. Soulmate AU Where numbers on your wrist count down to when you meet your soulmate
the WhatsApp adventures of the Avengers X Reader by MissChanadlerBong
the WhatsApp adventures of the Ave...by Bobcat
What if the Avengers had WhatsApp?? What if you had just joined the Avengers ?? What if you become their best friend / adoptive child?? What if one of them had a huge cr...
Billionaire's Daughter 『𝙱𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚢 𝙱𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚎𝚜』 by ameliabarnesx
Billionaire's Daughter 『𝙱𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚢...by Amelia ♡︎
Y/n is the daughter of the world famous Billionaire, Tony Stark. Your life is as normal as it can be until Bucky Barnes enters the tower and turns your whole world aroun...
From hate to love - Bucky Barnes x y/n storie by epicstoriesx
From hate to love - Bucky Barnes x...by epicstoriesx
Bucky and y/n hated each other from the day they've met, but after one catch, it all changed. (Finished!) Published 14/05/2021 :D #4 in metalarm #3 in buckybarnesxreader
#IShipIt (Celebrity AU) by propertyofpoendbucky
#IShipIt (Celebrity AU)by propertyofpoendbucky
You and rising star, Bucky Barnes, both play rivals on the show "Blindsided", the trending tv show that focuses on your two characters, Ava and Nathan. Because...
Flour Girl (Bucky x reader Bakery AU) by avengerofyourheart
Flour Girl (Bucky x reader Bakery...by avengerofyourheart
[FINISHED] Discovering the cute guy you just flirted with is the heir of a rival bakery, you suddenly find yourself running into him all over the city. Can your small bo...
Hush by DynamiteT
Hushby Dy
Y'all, this sucks in my opinion, but if ya wanna read it I ain't gun' stop ya. Good luck, there are probably a lot of plotholes, mistakes and cringe moments. I apologize...
The Howling Comandos (Bucky x disguised!Fem! Reader) by IAMTIEBROUS
The Howling Comandos (Bucky x disg...by I AM THE CAPTAIN
I've recently started rewatching all the marvel movies. It says it all in the title!