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Red Room by adrisparkelz
Red Roomby ilike2writesumtimes
You're a red room assassin, found by the Avengers. They knew your back story, your past missions, everything. You eventually find yourself attaching to another broken pa...
Grotesque || Bucky Barnes x Reader by radiantgeorge
Grotesque || Bucky Barnes x Readerby - 𝕲💎
[ hate to love relationship ] [ bucky x reader story ] Bucky and Y/N were the most idolised duo in the fighting ring, It almost seemed too perfect when it came to wars a...
Catch Me by buckysgoodhair
Catch Meby buckysgoodhair
In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.
Selfless Love by redgillan
Selfless Loveby redgillan
Canon!AU A journey toward recovery, and the story of a broken man falling in love with a woman.
In the Shadows by BeccaAnne814
In the Shadowsby BeccaAnne814
Bucky's mind is finally free from Hydra and he moves into the Avengers Compound. Bucky Barnes x Reader
Let Me Take Your Pain by wandasworker
Let Me Take Your Painby :)
Bucky is new to the compound, his attraction to you, reveals a secret you wish was kept hidden You can take away peoples pain, them not knowing the cost you pay for it. ...
Brainwashed (Bucky Barnes x Reader) by _k4ley_
Brainwashed (Bucky Barnes x Reader)by Kaleythewriter
You had always had a celebrity crush thing on the 1940's war hero, Bucky Barnes. It was a silly crush because the hero was long gone, Right? You always knew he was dead...
Mister Hockey by HailHydra920
Mister Hockeyby Bucky'sGirl
Bucky Barnes is the biggest playboy on campus. He's got the looks, charm, and high hockey player status. He can have any girl he wants, except you. And for some reason...
Bucky Barnes x Reader Oneshots by YaboiWienerSoldier
Bucky Barnes x Reader Oneshotsby BuckyWucky
Bucky x Fem!reader oneshots y'all I hope you enjoy! Updates will be sporadic sooo yeah. ( The FanArt is not mine i sadly don't know who it's from but it's sick) Started...
Trauma Team • Bucky Barnes by bornthisway1234
Trauma Team • Bucky Barnesby Bornthisway12
"I refuse to apologize for that. If you're a part of the flight crew, you are objectively the hottest people in the hospital." Bucky Barnes repeatedly comes to...
Curves and Burns (Bucky Barnes x Female Plus Size Reader) by livingforplottwists
Curves and Burns (Bucky Barnes x F...by livingforplottwists
You live across the hall from Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. When one of them gets shot, you have no choice but to reveal your healing powers. You're reluctantly inducte...
Caretaker by winter_captain
Caretakerby Cap/Bucky Fan Page
Imagine yourself as an agent of Shield forced into being the Winter Soldier's caretaker.
Bucky Barnes one shots by sleepypanda27
Bucky Barnes one shotsby sleepypanda27
Bucky x reader fluffy one shots.
Protect My Heart (Bodyguard AU) by ofstarsandvibranium
Protect My Heart (Bodyguard AU)by ofstarsandvibranium
You're an actress and after an assassination attempt on your life, your manager hires a bodyguard that will be with you 24/7.
Soul of a Soldier by Castiels-Angel-
Soul of a Soldierby Castiels-Angel-
Hydra is at it again, well, a part of Hyrda. Crazed ex-Hydra scientist has captured a young girl and been preforming experiments on her for the last 12 years. Catching w...
Breaking the Rules by redgillan
Breaking the Rulesby redgillan
Modern!AU You hate James Barnes with a burning passion and the feeling is entirely mutual. Just when you think things can't get any worse, you are tricked into attending...
Missing Piece by likeahorribledream
Missing Pieceby likeahorribledream
Requested on Tumblr: okay I send a mini request? Can it be please like in a new relationship with Bucky Barnes (like when the reader & him first start to date?) and she...
When The Light Comes | Bucky x Reader by lasrel
When The Light Comes | Bucky x Rea...by lasrel
A short Reader x Bucky romance! Takes place in an AU post Winter Soldier (also post Age of Ultron), where Bucky was found and brought back to be a part of the Avengers...
An Untold Legacy (FATWS X Reader) by smellslikehotgorlshi
An Untold Legacy (FATWS X Reader)by Annabelle
Or FATWS (YN's Version) Heroes always get remembered, but legends never die. *Marvel characters belong to that of Marvel, only characters I own are YN.