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A Magical Summer by jacket1000
A Magical Summerby jacky1000
The Jackson-Blofis family visits Sally's cousin Petunia Dursley. They meet the Petunia, her husband Vernon, their angel of a son Dudley and their delinquent nephew Harry...
𝗷𝗮𝗻𝗲, harry potter by hvgwcrts
𝗷𝗮𝗻𝗲, harry potterby # 𝐉𝐄𝐒𝐒
𝒊𝒏 𝒘𝒉𝒊𝒄𝒉 the boy who hated his time away from hogwarts finds someone who makes the summer bearable
Alexandra Dursley {Golden Trio} by bananarama85
Alexandra Dursley {Golden Trio}by Rebecca Robinson
The legendary story of Harry Potter's cousin - saviour of the wizarding world. COMPLETED After Petunia's miscarriage - where Mr. and Mrs. Dursley had been expecting a b...
Harry Potter-Rescued by Daycee1
Harry Potter-Rescuedby Daycee1
Abused three years old harry potter is rescued by his godfathers. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, that right is reserved for J.K. Rowling Also, I am in need of pr...
Home is where He is (Drarry) by LetsgotoHogwarts
Home is where He is (Drarry)by Let's go to Hogwarts
Hogwarts was under renovation. Many students weren't able to go home. The solution: go home with someone else. The problem: that someone else is a certain potter. The...
Hidden in Black Robes by blackfyrre
Hidden in Black Robesby shqqw
A 4 year old Harry Potter is abused by his relatives. When Dumbledore asks Snape to check on the boy, he finds out something he least expects to see. What will Snape do...
It's always been you by Yeeticantbebothered
It's always been youby I really can't
The trio are in their fifth year of hogwarts, and Hermione and Harry can't seem to stop thinking about each other, not knowing why. They head to Grimmauld Place after an...
Cared For by GirlFromHufflepuff
Cared Forby Totally Hufflepuff
After an outraged Professor McGonagall finds out that 3-year-old Harry Potter is being abused, she ignores Dumbledore's orders and adopts Harry as her own. Cover picture...
My Godfather {saved by Sirius} by ShinyHippogriff540
My Godfather {saved by Sirius}by ShinyHippogriff540
7 year old Harry Potter has a hard life at the Dursleys. It is up to Sirius(Padfoot) to rescue Harry and let him learn to trust again. Life could never be better. But wi...
Pain Is Gain ❗️Hiatus❗️ by Moonlightstxrs
Pain Is Gain ❗️Hiatus❗️by OneDirectioner
Harry Potter is entering his 5th year at Hogwarts. He is constantly abused by his 'family' while he isn't at Hogwarts. The summer of his 4th year, it went to far. Harry...
Julie Anne Dursley by Spexis
Julie Anne Dursleyby Spexis
Julie Dursley is Harry Potter's mean and spoiled cousin. It goes without saying that Harry never liked her, but can people change for the better? Female Dudley Dursley
The Dursley Girl by Theodoraa23
The Dursley Girlby Theodoraa23
Three days before Alannah Dursley's eleventh birthday, she receives a mysterious letter. Her father, Dudley Dursley knows exactly what this letter contains, and he know...
The unknown Evans by Gryffindorgirlginny
The unknown Evansby °•*⁀➷ 𝙈𝙖𝙚!
In which Jasmine Evans tries to cope in a world where everyone she knows is dead
tear's of the innocent. by ghostkingnicodi
tear's of the innocent.by ghostkingnicodi
5 year's old harry potter is abused & mistreated by the Dursley's , his relatives. he was never potty trained , and ante Petunia never changes his diapers more than once...
The Potters  by GinnyWeasely270608
The Potters by Jackson-Potter 2706
What if the Potters came to life?? What if Sirius didn't go to prison?? What if Remus was invited to live with them? Would they- What if- You know what- just read the bo...
What if... by Yeeticantbebothered
What if...by I really can't
We all know the story of Harry Potter- how he met the Weasleys at Kings Cross, how they showed him how to get onto the platform and how he became friends with Ron. But w...
Minnie, I love you! by Leto333333333
Minnie, I love you!by Leto333333333
Harry Potter is abused, and when Minerva McGonagall find out about this, she takes action. Is it on time?
MOB by ElviraScaff
MOBby Elvira Scaff
What if the Dursley family cared for Harry? What would happen if Vernon was in the MOB
I can take care of you (under editing)  by fairytailfreak937
I can take care of you (under edit...by ⚡️Best boy Denki⚡️
The boy who lived , the golden boy , the saviour , Harry Potter. But is he all that he appears? No one knows about his dark secret. His home life. The daily abuse day in...
Harry Potters secret pet (discontinued) by Dragonsrule316
Harry Potters secret pet (disconti...by Afk_boi
This AU takes place during the Order of The Phoenix after Mr. Weasleys attack except Harry secretly owns a white corn snake that no one knows anything about. Harry asked...