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Wattpad Tech Support by justamk_
Wattpad Tech Supportby lish
"Why are there so many hotline stories on your website?" "...Excuse me?" "And tech support stories. Nobody falls in love with the tech suppo...
hotline | k.nj ✔ by scribble_bunnie
hotline | k.nj ✔by Gyunmi
❝hello, this is the school hotline for advice. how may i help you?❞ ❝what areas do you offer help in?❞ in which, a guy calls the school hotline, only to be met by a girl...
Say Hello For Me by calligraphics
Say Hello For Meby christina
"Hello, we are here to advise you on all your questions, concerns, and problems related to relationships. How may I assist you today?" "I think my girlfr...
Wattpad Helpline | ✓ by lavenderlove-
Wattpad Helpline | ✓by ミevie
[COMPLETE] FOUR TIMES FEATURED STORY! ❝Hello, this is the Wattpad Helpline, what can I do for you?❞ ❝Wattpad Helpline? What's that? This isn't Domino's Pizza!❞ In which...
McDonald's Hotline || TAEKOOK by mrgrttgzs
McDonald's Hotline || TAEKOOKby Adelaide Margaret
In which Taehyung was dared to call McDonald's and order an inappropriate meal. He reckons this was not gonna be good, but he did it anyways. Little did he know this was...
Homework Hotline  by bloomagd
Homework Hotline by Abby G.
"This is homework hotline! Here to help you with all your homework needs! Including: math, english, science, social studies and..." "I need help on love...
Heartbreak Hotline by Lightning_Stryker
Heartbreak Hotlineby Jay 👑
[COMPLETE] "So imma need those digits." "Isn't that a bit too fast? You don't even know my name or-" "Of your credit card, you idiot." ...
Help Line by Glass_Sword
Help Lineby Kayla
In which a girl calls a help line and meets a boy on the other end who's willing to do anything to save her before she hits rock bottom. ༻❁༺ "Sorry. I shouldn't be...
Baby Hotline - karl x reader by eestxllee
Baby Hotline - karl x readerby eestxllee
Y/N is a small streamer who is a fan of Karl. One day she meets him unknowingly. She wins the Mr. Beast facetime contest and gets to facetime him... but then something u...
1-800-LONE, nct by tr1nr1n
1-800-LONE, nctby rini
"welcome to the lone hotline, chat away !" -in where the loneliest become less lonely. or -in where loners meet in a random app and become lonely together nct...
Sushi Hotline  by AMG297
Sushi Hotline by AMG
"This is Holvan's Sushi hotline, how may I help you?" "That's one sexy voice" "Excuse me?" 🍣 A sushi loving girl and a mysterious hotline...
date a live x  Depressed male reader by XD0010Bigfan
date a live x Depressed male MeganekkoSenpai
i not good making description, just read my story,I'm just inspired to make this story If you like this story, vote this story or follow me  Credits= XD0010 Xd0010Bigfan
Hotline by skittles_are_lyfe
Hotlineby Skittle Lova
Liam accidentally calls a young, annoying, fast-talking, positive girl at work. Intrigued by this girl and slightly guilty for his rude first impression, he continues to...
hotline 127 | nct 127 by PRINCEHAENAMI
hotline 127 | nct 127by J ღ
Lonely, introverted orphan Yoon Eunbyeol downloads a dating hotline in hopes of making new friends as she starts university. As weird events start to happen one after an...
the dream hotline | nct dream by PRINCEHAENAMI
the dream hotline | nct dreamby J ღ
WELCOME TO THE DREAM HOTLINE ! ♡ A mystery-crime-romance ff > nct dream Completed: 11.07.19
🔞Short Novel 18+ by Zoey-Sun
🔞Short Novel 18+by Zoey
ប្រជុំដោយNovel ក្ដៅសាច់🔥
The Boyfriend Hotline || NCT DREAM  by farahway_
The Boyfriend Hotline || NCT DREAM by farfromyou
Hotline AU (?) "Hello this is the boyfriend hotline. A place where your dream relationship comes true. How may I help you?" When a girl turns a hotline into do...
Heartache Hotline (Connected #1) | ✔ by ChloeKaydee
Heartache Hotline (Connected #1) | Chloe Kaydee
[Highest Rank - #1 Short Story] [Highest Rank - #9 Random] [Highest Rank - #71 Funny] Macy Moretti works for a hotline that "cures heartache" to escape her own...
Matchmaker Hotline | √ by Gheology
Matchmaker Hotline | √by Peaches
"Hello this is Matchmaker Hotline--" "Can I get a slut here?" "sorry this is not a 'grab a slut' hotline, so bye asshole!" A girl named Gae...