BLSC #2 : His Secret Admirer

BLSC #2 : His Secret Admirer

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Janice Martana By beyondlocks Completed


Aiden Locason
The number one heartbreaker , even with that title girls still chasing him and follow him like a lost puppy. For him , none of them like him because it's him but only because fame and money. But little did he know.. someone really likes him with all her heart

Elena Colton
Ordinary girl who loves photography , her photos are so beautiful until people sometimes think she's a photographer. She's talented and not to mention she's a writer too. One day she lay her eyes on the number one heartbreaker and she find herself writing a memo for him everyday and slip it into his locker secretly.. She's officially Aiden Locason's secret admire

"Me? Your secret admire? Yeah right! Why would I like a guy like you?" Elena said laughing