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Reborn as the Villainess?! by shemaahp
Reborn as the Villainess?!by Morrow Strange
"Kill it." He ordered, his voice like ice-cold and indifferent. Speechless, all I could do was stare. What was I meant to say? Hi, I'm your daughter, an adult...
Breaking Good (COMPLETE✔️) by ArabiaJ
Breaking Good (COMPLETE✔️)by Arabia J.
Welcome to Las Vegas, home to former trouble-maker: Jenn Graham. She can't outrun her past or her bad reputation, especially after her boyfriend abandons her at a gas st...
Painful Innocence || Drarry De-Aging AU© by RonNoxAndLumos
Painful Innocence || Drarry Ronald B. Weasley
My Take On A Personal Favourite Cliché *** What happens when Draco Malfoy accidentally turns Harry Potter into a child of merely two years old because of a potions misha...
the creek | ✎ by -bearfaces
the creek | ✎by ✎karin✎
the creek a bxb story when zach left his homework at the creek, he wasn't expecting to find that it was done and he didn't expect it to have a cute little note attached...
Daughter of thor by oXunicornprincessXo
Daughter of thorby <3unicornprincess<3
Rose is 16 years old now a hard working girl with powers she hides from her mother. But she has no clue how she got her powers, until she meets her father Thor and every...
I'm not gonna leave you (Kidfic) by Benvoliopeanutbutter
I'm not gonna leave you (Kidfic)by Secret Agent Donut
Lauren Jauregui (18) and Camila Jauregui (3) sisters from Miami. Both of their parents were killed in a car wreck and Lauren is left to take care of her baby sister. Goi...
Reborn As The Sky Emperor's Daughter by MarillCakes
Reborn As The Sky Emperor's Marzipanian
Love is a foreign concept to her, simply something other people talk about in passing around her. Something she has never experienced and doubts she ever will. When she...
Twenty by punctuations
Twentyby nate k.
❝ Blow out all the candles, you're too old to be so shy. ❞ © nate k. 2014
PRISCILLA | ongoing by sequxoia
four months after the death of his wife, henry finds a diary filled with letters written to him. ☂︎ extended summary inside lowercase intended
The Story of Her Holding an Orange by inaaace
The Story of Her Holding an Orangeby inaaace
This is the story of a mysterious, never-aging woman who followed me my whole life. She always wanted only one thing from me: to take her orange.
Book 1: Youth of Delarn by Wolf_Durican
Book 1: Youth of Delarnby Wolf Durican
The first book of the Fragments of Delarn Delarn, a very young girl, lives in the town of Fennerey with her father, Izara, but everything changes when old enemies arrive...
No Adults Allowed by SimonKJones
No Adults Allowedby Simon K Jones
The grown-ups are all gone and children rule the new world. The new weekly adventure from the writer of the Watty-winning A Day of Faces and The Mechanical Crown throws...
Your Wish is my Command by vivi_xi
Your Wish is my Commandby Vivi
Sulpicia like many vampires had always a child of her own but she didn't think it was possible, but, let's just say that being the wife of the head of the Volturi has it...
Essence of The World by CRMichShaw
Essence of The Worldby CRMichShaw
In this world Chi is the center of everything. Chi revolves around everyone and is the "Essence of the World" The main Character, Chris was born into the Monk...
Weightless by _TheSecretGarden_
Weightlessby _TheSecretGarden_
Lighter than air, this is only the beginning.
Unbroken Promises by JoonieKiss
Unbroken Promisesby JoonieKiss
Namjoon made a promise to jin as kids, that when they grow up, he would take him out on a date. Namjoon moves away, but Jin never forgot. What happens when suddenly a st...
The Fire Inside Me by petezahdog
The Fire Inside Meby petezahdog
The year is 3000 the world is just starting to rebuild after the 3rd world war that has recently ended. There is a new government in place, and their main goal is to reb...
Never aging by juliajurgens26
Never agingby Julia Jurgens
I'm not an adult. I will never be. I'm stuck in a teens body, never able to experience getting older. I don't have a birthday, I don't need one, I never age. I'm stuck w...
A Duck's Tale by georgethebrokewriter
A Duck's Taleby georgethebrokewriter
A young farmer and wife are living a humble, quiet, and sweet life on their farm. One day, in bed, the wife suddenly wishes to raise some ducks. The man agrees and a pec...
B.Q. or Bust - A Short Story about a Long Run by MarcOwensKurtz
B.Q. or Bust - A Short Story Marc Owens-Kurtz
A story of what I thought was my journey to the Boston Marathon - but turned out to be a story about me and my dad.