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Flick by evam224
Flickby ☀︎︎Eva☀︎︎
"We fought an uphill battle. One we had no hope of winning." ~~~ Felicity-Flick as most call her-Carter, has learned a thing or two in her 12 years of life. Ho...
Perfect: A Novel of Imperfection by SuzyEngland
Perfect: A Novel of Imperfectionby Suzy England
"Read the whole story in one sitting. It's beautifully written. Stayed up all night, I couldn't put down my phone. You are blessed with a talent, don't let anyone...
Ungodly Hour | d.e. by lisha-stories
Ungodly Hour | A L I S H A
Success doesn't equate happiness. I've had to learn that the hard way over the years. With every disappointment, every let down, every heartbreak, my solution was to jus...
Behind the Lens | JakeHoon Story by simpforgeonu
Behind the Lens | JakeHoon Storyby 𝚋𝚒𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚊🦋
Sunghoon who liked Jake during their High School years decided to confess to him. Jake harshly rejected his confession. In two years, they're destined to meet again. Wi...
Winter's Love (HFTB Book #2) by RavenMoon06
Winter's Love (HFTB Book #2)by V
Hired for the Billionaire Book #2 Anna believed that giving William Winters time to come to his senses would result in him coming back to her and talking about what occu...
Trails And Betrayals by LouisC2000
Trails And Betrayalsby LouisC2000
Aiden Smith Son of Abraham and Lucy Smith richest man in the globe happily married to Amanda Anderson adopted daughter of Gabriel and Anna Anderson. But lack of trust ma...
Fimbulvetr - Year One [3 Years is Not Enough!] by GearBlaster
Fimbulvetr - Year One [3 Years Andrew G
The year is 2020, and Odin has sensed something horrible is on it's way and it's name is: Ragnarok They give the task of spreading the word to one unlucky soul on earth...
Aftercare by Olskavick
Aftercareby ölskuv
(BTS - Vkook) Sequel to Discipline (I do not own BTS, nor do I claim any of this to be accurate. This story is purely fictitious and not meant to offend. I also don't cl...
Forgotten Memories by AmBrEigNs_aSyLuM
Forgotten Memoriesby AJ Ambrose
Jolie Cena is the baby sister of John Cena, mother of Josalyn Good, and ex girlfriend of Jonathan Good. She and Jon had met on the independent circuit and had been in lo...
Sold To a Mafia King  by HlengiweMathebula
Sold To a Mafia King by Hlengiwe Mathebula
Mandy is an intelligent, loving and caring 21 year old. She just landed her dream job. But the day before her first day at work, her parents drop a bomb on her. She has...
A Journey From Tears To Happiness | ✔ by Ninishta_B
A Journey From Tears To Ninishta
Three years after that eventful night, Payal Raizada is finally out of the prison to face the demons she herself once created and tread the path from pain to happiness a...
The Alpha's Rogue by SeaOfGlass
The Alpha's Rogueby Kiana Rose
"So tell me, Rogue, how would you like to be killed? A slit to your throat, your heart ripped out, or how about a silver bullet to your brain?" "Kiss me f...
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi - Endless Love by Miasmeralda
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi - Miasmeralda
This is a fanfiction mainly focussed on the love story of Dev Dixit and Sonakshi Bose. I am starting from where the original TV series is now (as of 19th Aug 2016 - ep 1...
Izuku Midoriya - The Defiant Blade by KarmaMantra
Izuku Midoriya - The Defiant Bladeby LathRianOnVi
"My awakened power is an honor to perform and this is the last thing my foes will ever see!" Tranquil as the sea-and furious as the tempest. A fierce and futur...
If Walls Could Talk // JAYTIM (HOPELESS FOOLS #1) by ashxtodd
If Walls Could Talk // JAYTIM ( Ash
Tim doesn't plan on talking with Jason when he goes to crime alley, because why on Earth would Red Hood be there, right? ("Stupid fucker" Tim thinks looking ba...
Grown Up by CookieRookieBookie
Grown Upby FLapp
The story of Daniel, as he discovers what the real world is like. He meets his three best friends for life, or so he thought. What happens when he loses everything he on...
Refugees of Reason by gthomasknox
Refugees of Reasonby gthomasknox
Me writing poetry. Reached #64 Reached #6 in poetrybook Reached #22 in poetry
Addicted  by Renira_
Addicted by Renira_
For lexa woods, the hallucinations began after the fire killed her family on the day she wished she would have died instead of her beloved ones, and she started to do dr...
Forbidden (BWWM) Rewritten by Pfunzo18
Forbidden (BWWM) Rewrittenby Comicallymade
Her brother was branded a criminal and her mother died because of it. With a hardened heart, fuelled by anger and resentment, Luthando wants nothing more than to clear h...