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The Weekend Write-In (volume 3) by The_Weekend_Write-In
The Weekend Write-In (volume 3)by The Weekend Write In
We are a friendly group of writers who enjoy writing and sharing weekly flash fiction stories of 500 words or less. Everyone is welcome to join. Follow this profile for...
The Right Word by johnnedwill
The Right Wordby John Nedwill
More stories from the Weekend Write-In.
Dorothea Hall Mysteries by tyrapendragon
Dorothea Hall Mysteriesby tyrapendragon
While the Lady is away, the maid will play. Dorothea, newly married, decides to take her employer's advice. She will start her own detective agency.
Dither & Blather by sleepingdraco
Dither & Blatherby Søvn Drake
Another Weekend Write-In flash fiction collection.
Tales from Earth-F by JasonGreenfield
Tales from Earth-Fby Jason Greenfield
Welcome to the Fox Universe - Earth-F is where the heroes of the public domain 1930's-1950's Fox Features dwell. In Tales, read flash fics and short continued stories ab...
There's an App For That by ThomasWalborn
There's an App For Thatby Thomas Walborn
The apps we load on our smartphones make daily transactions much easier in so many ways But what I worry about is with each iteration of new smart apps, we give up more...
Intro to the Soundtrack of Alien Bees by deframj22
Intro to the Soundtrack of Alien B...by Michael DeFrancesco
A drabble for the March 17, 2023 weekend write-in prompt *score*
The Wanderer's Tale by ThomasWalborn
The Wanderer's Taleby Thomas Walborn
Was the wanderer real? I ask myself that some sixty years later. My brothers don't remember him, but they were younger. But the story he told... That story is still as...
The Stanhope Affair by ThomasWalborn
The Stanhope Affairby Thomas Walborn
Johnny Earthquake, a hard-boiled private detective, first appeared in "ALL TOP COMICS" in 1944. It is now 1957 and he and his partner, Rusty, are private dete...
No Bull by deframj22
No Bullby Michael DeFrancesco
500 word story for the March 24, 2023 weekend write-in prompt *echo*
Legends of the Scarab by JasonGreenfield
Legends of the Scarabby Jason Greenfield
Legends of the Scarab is set in the Earth-F continuity in and around the fictional TRIPLE CITIES - CHICAGO, CENTRE CITY and YORK CITY. It's its own bubble far away from...
Slipping Away by ThomasWalborn
Slipping Awayby Thomas Walborn
A reflection on a recent trip.
Two Heavy by Orumeena
Two Heavyby O'Rume Ena
What is inside Lola's bump is very very unusual. Warning: Some may find this disturbing Weekendwritein attempt for prompts: Bump, Food, Package, Ruin, Repeat, Value, D...
What Blossoms by Nighttime by VioletDaylight
What Blossoms by Nighttimeby Violet Daylight
One-shots and short stories which blossom in my mind and on the page by nighttime. Late night writings, and half asleep stories. What a sleep deprived mind is able to pr...
The Girl in the Blue Dress by ThomasWalborn
The Girl in the Blue Dressby Thomas Walborn
Some story ideas sound good as you imagine them but don't roll out quite they way you planned. Written for the 9/22/17 weekend writein prompt : "Stress".
Fade to White by BarbaraGalvin
Fade to Whiteby Barb Galvin
Story written for the WriteOn Weekend Writein to the prompt color.
Snapdragon by ThomasWalborn
Snapdragonby Thomas Walborn
A Johnny Earthquake story. Johnny and Rusty are hired to find a half-million dollars in counterfeit money but someone will go to extraordinary lengths to stop them.
Another BUMP Story by ThomasWalborn
Another BUMP Storyby Thomas Walborn
I am not saying this actually happened. But it could have. Written for the 19 October prompt; BUMP
"Fraudulently Thick!"- A Weekend Write-In Story by _Little_Pine_Tree_
"Fraudulently Thick!"- A Weekend W...by //Star\\
"Welcome to Litterly's quick and easy Insurance Claim helpline; you're speaking to Jon. How may I help you?" -- A humorous dip into the life of permanently-exh...
Dreams - (Short stories) by VeraLoy
Dreams - (Short stories)by Vera Loy
Short stories, Including 1. My Lucky Day - a woman finds a lost journal on the train... (Chicklit) 2. Marianne - historical flash fiction - regency period 3. Hen Thief...